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Retail’ New Avatar: Serving Unique Experience to Customers In-store.

In the age of Voice, Search and Mobile, 94 percent of all retail sales take place in physical stores. As Physical experience rise in demand retailers..

Digital capabilities and emerging Hi-Tech has allowed retailers to transform shopping into an experience. And just when Brick and Mortar was thought to be a matter of the past, retailers redefined it in a brand New Avatar. Powered by Next-Gen network today’s experience stores are ready to enthrall the digitally empowered customers.

 Delivering Experience in-store through Network

56 percent of shoppers say they first visit stores to assess products before buying them online.

 Apple’ IBeacon to Amazon Books, IKEA’ place augmented-reality app to Nike’ hi-tech trial spaces shows how well retailers have augmented in-store shopping experience. Fuelled by Digital and hitech, stores are able to offer highly personalized and relevant customer experiences.

Unlike Digital/Web stores, physical stores have a unique advantage. That is customers can physically engage with the products. Consult with a sales or service staff in-store when required. In turn which allows stores to capture real-time data and insights. The collected intent later helps to deliver a value-added experience. And, engage better with their customers.

 Technology and digital capabilities have simplified customer’s journey along all touch points. Digital payments, free WiFi, Scanners, Apps, RFID tags, AR, VR, Free coupons are common in stores today. While other technologies in the technology stack has made the whole retail mechanism seamless. Namely, Cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learn, Analytics, and Automation. Simplification of Supply Chain, warehouse and logistics have vastly reduced operational headaches. In turn allowing retailers to improve turn around time to customers. All these add up in delivering unique experiences to customers.

Network – The Key to Deliver big on Customer Experience Promises

New Technologies, cloud and the Internet requires a flexible, agile and safe Network. Stores being a critical touchpoint for customers have made transformation of Network incumbent for retailers. Retailers have well realized that to adopt a Customer First approach, Network first requires an upgrade.

Next-Gen Networking solutions have set a strong foothold in retail and industries elsewhere. Solutions like SD-WAN has already divested legacy network infrastructures. Traditional Network architecture (MPLS) were no match to today’s technology requirements. Moreover, with internet and cloud being a quotidian need today, Bandwidth, Flexibility, and security became primary concerns. Added the rigmarole of traditional Network infrastructures. All these made Retail Networking complicated and complex.

Thanks to Software Defined Networking (SDN)! Next- Gen solutions like SD-WAN is allowing retailers to operate in both worlds- well known as unified commerce. It is the best way to serve modern customers. Most retailers have recognized the need for unified commerce. Now its time for stores to rethink their customer first approach.


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