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7 Reasons Why IT Considers SD Wan Budget Friendly

Digitization today demands an IT ecosystem matured enough to deal with all new disruptive technology. On the other hand, it is mandatory as well because it impacts Customer experiences..

IT teams find SD-WAN budget friendly as compared to MPLS based infrastructure. The cost of maintaining and managing network for numerous branches- impacts your IT budget and can be cumbersome. MPLS has long served enterprises offering various networking abilities, but unfortunately at significantly Higher Cost. Today when IT- networks, storage and applications are transforming to Cloud, enterprises are realizing the limitations of MPLS apart from its cost. The transformation wave to digital has acted as an eye opener for IT teams across industries. Why?

Enter SD-WAN! Software Defined Network which has now opened new doors for enterprises to take Networking to the next level. Since the advent of SD-WAN, enterprises are able to reduce WAN cost massively. Not only is SD-WAN budget friendly, but with it, Enterprise Networks can leverage the power of the Holy Trinity – Cloud, Automation, Analytics.

But does this mean MPLS is Dead?

No. SD-WAN is here to complement MPLS, allowing enterprises like yours to use Internet mixing it with connections – MPLS, leased line, 3G/4G, private WAN address, public WAN address, ephemeral WAN address – of all sort. Leveraging such Hybrid WAN connectivity organisations are making a Boom of every Buck they invest in Networking. Here are 7 ways ways that this technology reduces cost of WAN connectivity for branches making SD-WAN budget friendly for enterprise IT teams:

· SD-WANs virtual platform eliminates all single function devices in a branch reducing associated costs. It lowers deployment of branch office devices by leveraging cloud-delivered services and orchestration. This drastically reduces costs and boosts IT budget.


· Upgrading and configuring Data Centres is not required in the SD-WAN architecture. SD-WAN you provide multiple options- including cloud deployment options- to integrate DCs seamlessly into your existing infrastructure eliminating all reap and replace costs


· MPLS, Internet, leased line, 3G/4G, private WAN address, public WAN address, or ephemeral WAN address using DHCP, and a host of other variants, SD-WAN can decrease WAN upgradation costs allowing enterprises to operate in a Hybrid WAN ecosystem.


· The ability to implement and deploy virtual devices on any commercial off-the-shelf based servers allows branches to reduce edge costs.


· SD-WAN enables automation and zero peering IT deployments allowing Branches to reduce truck rolls in case of network outage. This allows branches to chuck out truck roll costs.


· Deployment, configuration and implementation of cloud, Policies, Security is automated from one central platform eliminating the need of in-house IT departments in branches located in numerous locations


· The last but not the least is SD-WANs flexible deployment options. You Do it yourself, go for a Managed service provider- offering network performance monitoring, Pay-as-you-Go subscription option – or operate in a Hybrid Ecosystem with your service provider. Subscriptions offered by providers help foster IT budget.


Bottom Line

97% of IT linchpins believe in SD-WAN to overcome current network challenges. IT managers that need to keep using MPLS, deal with the high cost of MPLS by adding SD-WAN capability to their networks to gain the ability to inject cost effective bandwidth resources without reducing their SLAs and connectivity quality. With SD-WAN budget friendly technology, businesses can attain their IT goals of modernizing branches/mobile work forces by providing a broad spectrum of services to customers at sustainable costs – in particularly remote areas. At Lavelle Networks our continuous effort is to innovate and reinforce our strategic vision to transform the SDN Solutions by enabling secure, simplified, self-learning, context-aware application performance combined with intelligent routing, zero-touch operations, and advanced service insertion. If you want to know how to make your enterprise network simpler, safer and faster visit us at


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