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Is It Worth Upgrading to Windows 10? Know the Top Reasons

Windows 10 is out and it is going to be one of the most sought-after operating systems

Windows 10 is out and it is going to be one of the most sought-after operating systems – not least because the OS comes with free upgrade, but at least because of some interesting and innovative things that come to your personal computer system once you upgrade it to the latest Windows 10.

Considering that, there is not much to miss out if you decide to upgrade your existing operating system to the latest one Windows 10. Let’s have a glance at some top advantages that you are guaranteed to gain with Windows 10.

It’s free!

It is probably the foremost thing that everyone would get fascinated with. You can upgrade your Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to the latest edition absolutely free. You don’t need to pay for it – provided you have a valid Windows license.

The Start Menu

Now it comes to the Start Menu. Unlike previous Windows, it can be termed to be an interesting jumble of Windows 7 and 8 and despite any doubts, it functions well. With tile-based interface, the Start menu is truly going to be an interesting thing that every Windows user would love it.


When the term Windows 10 is coined, Cortana pops up as an interesting and young member of the Windows-family. Cortana is a digital assistant who redefines the way users have been searching information on the websites. It talks to you and brings out the search result what you want to know.

Windows Technical Support

It might be an odd thing to talk about the technical support before the upgrade, but you should always be prepared to fight against any potential technical problems. You can have several options to access reliable technical support to Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer has been the matter of joke among the users because of its outdated features – Edge is the best reply to those who were talking about the future of Internet Explorer. It is much better with impressively fast processing features. It will surely be a quality alternate to other internet browsers Chrome and Firefox.

OneDrive Integration

To ensure complete protection to your data files, Microsoft has integrated its latest Windows 10 OS with its cloud OneDrive. And more importantly, you can now synchronize your data files across the devices easily.


New command prompt window

For years, command prompt in Windows OS has been falling behind its competitors Mac and Linux in terms of utility. Now, Microsoft makes its command prompt more usable and worthwhile by including some interesting features such as copy and paste feature, resizable windows, text wrapping, and an opacity slider.


These are just a few interesting facets of Windows 10 that is purposed to take you through an amazing experience. As nothing is perfect in the world of software, Windows 10 may have exposure to some sorts of technical problems. But change your mind because of impending issues, as you can overcome it easily by reaching out to a reliable Microsoft Windows Tech Support. 

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