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Learn what marketing strategy is and learn 7 ways to attract more customers and see how to promote your brand.

7 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers

Learn what marketing strategy is and learn 7 ways to attract more customers and see how to promote your brand.

Marketing strategy is the planning of all actions that will be used to advertise a brand, product or service and consequently attract more customers.

This planning must be constantly monitored to make sure that the expected results for each of the planned actions are actually being positive and especially to improve what needs to be adjusted.

While many digital entrepreneurs know that it is critical to plan every marketing action for a business, many have doubts when deciding which strategies are best to execute.

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no specific marketing strategy for each business.

The success of any of them depends on how they were done, your audience and, of course, the type of your business.

To better understand what actions can be taken in your business, we have separated 11 elements to help you attract more customers.

To better understand what actions can be taken in your business, we have separated 7 elements to help you attract more customers.

1. Blog


Blogging is one of the best known strategies used by anyone who wants to attract customers organically on the internet and delivering educational and quality content.

That's because when you have a blog, you can write posts that answer a variety of questions (from the most basic to the most technical) and that show specific solutions for your audience.

Still have questions about how to get started with this marketing strategy? Read our post with the complete walkthrough to create your blog.

2. SEO

There is no point in having a blog with a lot of interesting content for your audience if your posts are not accessed.

This is why you need to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to your posts so that your page appears in the first place of search engines such as Google.

Work keywords well in your texts, test headlines that catch users' attention, write complete content that really educates your audience.

The important thing is to optimize all your posts so that people get to your content whenever they search for a term related to your niche.

3. Email marketing

Many people still have the idea that email is no longer a good marketing strategy; after all, many users don't even bother to read forwarded messages.

But that's not the case, especially if your emails contain content that is interesting to people, not just advertisements for your products or services.

For example, create a newsletter and send important information via email to people who leave their email addresses on your page.

Also submit rich materials such as more elaborate eBooks.

This is a way to maintain communication with your potential customers via email while still maintaining their engagement with your brand.

Still not sure how to start this strategy? Check out our post for tips on creating effective email flows for your business.

4. Social Networks

The social networks in general are great channels of communication with the public, mainly because it is currently difficult to find someone who does not use any of these ways to socialize.

As a marketing strategy, what you need to do is understand where your persona is: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat?

You may have to do marketing on more than one social network, but be careful not to overexert yourself in places where your audience is not.

And remember, your social networks also need to bring content that adds value to users. So don't just advertise your brand all the time.

As we know this is a subject that can raise some questions, we did a Hot mar Tips with Monique and Rosario, experts in social network management. Be sure to check out the tips they left for you:

5. Sponsored Links

Sponsored links are ads linked to on other pages, usually related to your business, for which you pay to be advertised.

The purpose of these links is for other people who are looking for topics similar to yours but not yet aware of your product or service, to find you on other blogs, social networks and general websites that they follow.

One marketing strategy that has pleased users is native ads. This is because this type of paid advertising does not hinder users' browsing and experience on the pages they are on.

6. Promotions

Finally, create promotions that encourage users to buy more or drive new customers to your page.

Have you ever seen some Instagram profiles making giveaways, and the rule is that you comment with @ from others who don't know that brand yet?

This is a marketing strategy that some profiles use to become better known and also to gain more followers.

Another type of promotion you can do is up-sell, down-sell or cross-sell as soon as a person has finished buying any of your products. This may mean that the user is interested in making another purchase on your site.


Remember: It is very important to measure everything you do to make sure that your work is not being done in vain and that you are making a profit. You should least have a strong internet connection, Du Home Internet is the best choice to rely on among all if you are managing your business from UAE just like me.

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