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How to design an e-commerce website
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How to design an e-commerce website
Ecommerce websites serve as a medium between the seller and the customer. Websites have become the need of online businesses.

Ecommerce websites serve as a medium between the seller and the customer. Websites have become the need of online businesses. You cannot run an online business of selling the products without an effective website. There are certain features of e-commerce website that make it different from other casual websites. Here we shall discuss a few of the features of an e-commerce website that you should consider while designing your e-commerce website.


            It is recommended to keep your entire process of design simple. A website should look elegant and to the point. There are two C's that you should consider while designing a website. One is to make it clear from the distractions and make it clean. There should not be unnecessary colours, banners and pop-ads. Otherwise, visitor gets irritated and eventually leave the website. The entire focus of your website must be on sale. So make it simple and decent.


            It is recommended to establish your identity as a brand. People tend to buy from brands that are established and well known. They do not want to visit anonymous sites to buy the product. Branding build trust of customer on your business. Give serious thought to branding and make it part of your website. You must be clear that what your company is about and what is your unique selling point. It would be best if you distinguished yourself from your competitors. Invest a handful of time in establishing your brand identity. Your brand must be apparent in the design of the website. Ask different questions from yourself while establishing a brand. These questions include the three words to describe the brand, unique selling point, distinguishing feature and many more. Once you have successfully answered these questions, it is time to incorporate these answers into the website's design. It will become a brand. In this way, your website will serve as a branding platform for your business. It will build the trust of people and will eventually drive more sales. Many people rush for designing a website without giving branding a thought. So do not follow that because branding is the backbone of your website.


Website visitor:

            It is recommended to think like a visitor if you want your website to connect with the audience. There are certain things that every visitor wants on a website. These features include easy navigation, easy process of shopping, straightforward and well designed. You have to put your foot in the customer's shoe to meet the expectations of your customers. It is important to design the website keeping the need of the customer in mind. Kinds of layout, navigation process, shopping process, organization of products and checkout process; all must be designed meeting the criteria of the customer.

Use of colours:

            Colour is the most powerful tool in the design of a website. Your preferences and choices of colour do not matter in the design of a website. The use of colours in the website must be wise enough to draw the attention of the customers. Colours are often perceived as the depiction of certain emotions. Every colour has a back story associated with it. Do not use colours blindly just for the sake of choice. Instead, take colours as an inspiration for the customers. For example, red colour is an inspiring colour that depicts strong feelings and emotions. It is recommended to give red colour to the purchase button on the site. Research suggests that red colour increases the probability of sales by 34%. Also, blue color is perceived as decent color depicting the deepness and credibility. That is why you must have seen the blue color in almost every logo. So you must know the use of colors while designing a website. It can create a huge impact on driving the sales of your business.

High quality images:

            Research suggests that images on ecommerce website drives the probability of sales up to 60%.It is an obvious fact that no one is interested in the product unless an image of a product is attached with the description. It is recommended to put high quality images of products on the website. Also if you will display the image from different angles, it would add more credibility to your site. Make people feel that they are viewing the image of the product as if the product is in their hands. In this way people will feel connected and will more likely buy the product. It is important to put high quality images of products on website otherwise if the images are of low quality, people will more likely to not buy the product. For instance if you are selling titan packing kits, put a high quality image. It is recommended to collect bunch of high quality images of the products you are selling, capture the images from every possible angle and put it on the website.

Scannable content:

            It is recommended to not put a lengthy paragraph of description for each product. People tend to look just for the key information. So make sure that key information in the description is visible enough and little bit related to digital marketing course.

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