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Helping IT build Next-Gen Enterprise Network

T flies deeper into the future of enterprise networking with Wings – SDN and NFV

The complementary duo together are transforming Enterprise networking in the age of Digitization. What’s the ballyhoo all about?

 The world is virtual today. And what makes it shine like the Orion are vast numbers of virtualized networks. Carrying one of the world’s most crucial resources today, Data, Enterprise Networks today are imperial part of Business success.

The paradigm shift to the virtual world has put legacy networking infrastructures at the verge of extinction. Moreover, with enterprises and consumers constantly seeking for better digital experiences, the role of Enterprise networks today is more than just delivering performance. It is also about network availability, security and scalability.

Thanks to SDN and NFV, 21st century enterprise networking requirements are being met.

The Duo making the Networking world Go Gaga!

 The world by now is well aware of NFV and SDN. Two modern age approaches of enterprise networking with the same mission – Better Control over Enterprise Network.

So far, NFV (also known as VNFs) has been hugely beneficial for IT for its ability to virtualize classical network functions like switching, routing, firewalls and so on (a.k.a White-Box Implementation). NFV has made a huge difference by improving the way to create, deploy, and manage enterprise networks. It has allowed IT to manage thousands of Networks seamlessly, that too faster at a lower cost!

Enters SDN- Software-defined Networking. Post Data Centres, CDNs and storage, now Network (WAN) is Software-defined. Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) uses core fundamentals of SDN to separate Network from it functions. It enables network management and automated enterprise network from a centralise controller. This gives complete control to enterprises to manage traffic the way they want to and the path they want to. SD-WAN has allowed IT to break the shackles of legacy WAN by allowing enterprises to manoeuvre and seamlessly extend WAN across physical and virtual resources of the Enterprise.


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The Bells and Whistles of the Duo- SDN and NFV


NFV and SDN both can function separately and are strictly not dependent on each other. However, the networking world loves it when both perform a duet together. That’s No surprise looking at the value proposition of SDN and NFV.

With SD-WAN, management/virtualization of large networks becomes easier. SD-WAN helps establish a fully automated Network ecosystem by enabling policy-based decisions to orchestrate the path of traffic, while NFV focuses on the Network services.

Together SDN and NFV empower IT to foster Enterprise Network efficiency. Connected at the core, both NFV and SDN allow enterprises to develop a robust digital transformation strategy. When implemented together both SDN and NFV bring agility and flexibility to craft unique customer experiences.




Implementing Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) prior to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is becoming a common practice to make WAN flexible. And utilizing both has become a key factor for enterprises to seek success in the process of Digital Transformation. Currently, SDN and NFV top the minds of CIOs and leaders across industries.

According latest report , the market for SDN and NFV is expected to ignite with an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of about 45% over the next three years. Annual investment is expected to touch almost $22 billion by the end of 2020.


Undoubtedly, with NFV and SDN, enterprises have a unique opportunity to build an Enterprise Network for the present and the future. As emerging new Networking technologies, both have made delivering network services agile, reduced OPEX and CAPEX and have redefined enterprise networking for the Virtual World. Now it would be an exciting chapter to behold how enterprises make the best use of SDN and NFV. We at Lavelle Networks believe it’s a new beginning of enterprise networking on a whole new dimension.


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