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SD-WAN: Amp-Up IT Capabilities, Not Cost

Enterprises are moving to the Cloud. Networks now need a solution like Software Defined Wide Area Network.

 How SD-WAN can help IT meet Network requirements?

Customer Experience is important for all business today. Customer expectations and behavior has also transformed over the years. They buy when they want and the way they want to. Empowered with digital capabilities they demand 24/7 attention. From smooth buying processes, to quality content, quick customer service and to awareness. The age of customers today demands ease, agility, and flexibility from business offerings. 

To win enterprises (across the industry) are on the path of Digitization. Relying on new emerging technologies. Technologies – AR, VR, IoT, BOTs, ML – that will help enterprises operate in both the worlds- Online and the Physical. Amid all, IT are in a constant hunt for such technologies. And as more customers move to cloud, enterprises have realized the need for Next Generation Network solutions.

How SD-WAN empowers IT?

Cloud has made traditional network infrastructures costly and inefficient. Traditional network architecture like MPLS was not built to support today’s cloud-first strategy. Rigid network infrastructures hence resulted in poor application performance, business agility, and productivity.Thanks to SDN! The rise of SD-WAN has simplified network management. It has improved visibility, and network performance. All these delivered using enterprise-grade security.

 SD-WAN today addresses not only cost but reduces network complexities as well. SD-WAN allows enterprises use as much bandwidth as required. It provides instant visibility for security as well as performance. Moreover, transformation to cloud demands an agile, secure and flexible network architecture. This makes SD-WAN a critical element of Networking. SD-WAN can help IT create secure local or regional breakouts to cloud. Its done by enabling traffic flow to the internet from the closest available link. IT can segment and route sensitive data to cloud security providers for further inspection. Discussed below are 4 ways how SD-WAN can help IT departments broaden their capabilities.

Centralized network architecture:Software Defined Wide Area Network SD-WAN can help IT centralize network management. IT teams can manage traffic flows, internal and third-party cloud networks effectively. SD-WAN also make deployment of Policies and Regulations flexible and scalable.

Network Automation: Deploying MPLS takes time (months). It involves heavy manual configurations. Setting up devices in branches along embedding Policies for each set. In such a situation SD-WAN can help IT deliver with agility. Allowing IT to reap maximum benefit from cloud services. The Policies define which traffic to route over which path. SD-WAN can intelligently route traffic based on business policies. IT (users) can connect to the cloud or between cloud services across the best available link. This removes manual configuration headache from network administrators.

Robust security over cloud: Manually replicating and maintaining security appliances across locations is not workable. Instead, SD-WAN can help IT leverage cloud security services. Direct traffic flows to the appropriate security service. Backed with embedded security such as firewalls, VPNs, and user segmentation.

Enables Cloud networking: SD-WAN can help IT enable Cloud Networking. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS applications SD-WAN can help IT incorporate agility and security. Optimizing massive number of applications is not possible without a centralized network orchestration. 

· Enables Cloud networking: SD-WAN can help IT enable Cloud Networking. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS applications SD-WAN can help IT incorporate agility and security. Optimizing massive number of applications is not possible without a centralized network orchestration. SD-WAN can help IT gain visibility along enabling IT to manage and deploy cloud applications effectively.




SD-WAN can help IT reach their goals along modernizing branches/mobile work forces provide a broad spectrum of services to customers at sustainable costs. At Lavelle Networks our continuous effort is to innovate and reinforce our strategic vision to transform the SDN Solutions by enabling secure, simplified, self-learning, context-aware application performance combined with intelligent routing, zero-touch operations, and advanced service insertion. If you want to know how to make your enterprise network simpler, safer and faster visit us at


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