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How to grow a project from scratch using chat messengers

How to grow a project from scratch using chat messengers
Having a financially profitable idea and a clear plan is not always a guarantee that the project will be successful.

Having a financially profitable idea and a clear plan is not always a guarantee that the project will be successful. The start-up capital may not even help in this matter; however, its absence also does not play a decisive role. According to statistics, a sufficiently large number of entrepreneurs become bankrupt in the first year after opening, because all the forces of a businessman are focused on finding new customers and promoting their business. The competent organization of advertising campaigns via chat messengers can significantly help in this matter.

Network Promotion

Now it is almost impossible to imagine one day without the Internet. It helps people in all areas of life. Currently, the Internet is also a powerful marketing promotion tool. The promotion of business on the Internet begins with the creation of the site. Every entrepreneur should understand that an attractive site is almost a business card of the company, its “face”. In the interests of the businessman to ensure that the resource attracted attention, it should be solid and arouse the trust of customers. SEO promotion is a difficult task that, so if you have doubts about your own abilities, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

One of the effective ways to attract an audience to a site is to place banner or display advertising. Using the same tools, you can achieve brand recognition. The only thing to be wary of is the compulsion of published advertisements. The promotion of a business from scratch now begins from social networks. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the possibilities of social resources, although it is there that you can easily find a significant percentage of the clientele. It is enough to create a group or a public page, place there all the information about the company, its services, and proceed with inviting potential buyers.

You may create a profile in any application, for instance, NEEO Messenger, and fill it with pictures and information about your business. As the app contains a network, called NEEO Social, other users will be able to see your posts in their feed, get to know your company, and even contact you there, using direct messages. The closer a client can get to your goods, the better!

Affiliate assistance

Other companies can play the role of “advertising agents” and attract customers. Based on mutually beneficial cooperation, you can develop a small network of proposals that can promote both sides. For example, for the purchase of goods for a certain amount as a gift, a discount is given on the service of another organization. In promoting a business, one must not forget to use human resources directly. After all, relatives and friends can tell their relatives and friends about the enterprise and thus earn word of mouth, which will attract interested customers, so do not forget to tell friends and family about your project and spread the idea around the world. You can even create a group chat with relevant information to provide your circle of friends with the status quo of your business.

Customer retention is the key to success

Expensive advertising campaigns and a convenient office location do not always help to fully conquer the target market. Even competent business promotion will be able to retain customers, if not pay enough attention to them. Several principles help to maintain a customer base: a businessman should maintain a high level of service and involve only polite and attentive staff in working with customers. An entrepreneur should find an individual approach to each client (with the help of discounts, bonuses programs, etc.). The provision of quality services is the key to success in the face of fierce competition and taking into account the requirements of customers.

All of these methods of promotion do not require a lot of money but require the investment of other resources - time, effort, energy, patience, and knowledge. Do not try to focus on all methods, try use chat messengers differently in different periods. See which one works best for you and brings the most customers’ attention and, most importantly - do not promote and sell your company, but your products and the result of work.

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