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Traditional VPNs are no more an option for Enterprises.

The surge of Cloud, Internet and emerging technologies have drastically increased network endpoints.

The falling Gravitas of MPLS VPNs

VPNs have been crucial in securing data over the network. Enterprises for long, have relied on traditional VPNs. Traditionally, VPNs used a mix of IP and MPLS. These were delivered using Ethernet or other high-speed connections.

The public Internet circuits were always inexpensive. But yet there were well-known security issues. Regardless, few enterprises adopted both MPLS and Internet. Manual configurations added extra rigmarole. On the other hand, the cost of using MPLS with connection of any sort was humongous. Bandwidth scarcity, weak security, lack of visibility, rigid set ups made the entire WAN set cumbersome. All these made WAN expensive, complex and less agile.

Today as businesses are transforming to cloud, getting digitized. Using Internet has become a necessity. As more internet driven, cloud-based services emerge; older (MPLS) VPNs are becoming less relevant. Data Privacy has impacted not only businesses but everyday consumers in a big way.


The Rise of Software Defined VPNs

Not only VPNs but overall Enterprise Network is evolving. SDN and NFV have made WAN intelligent and automatic. The rise of software defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has proven to be a stepping stone to resolve enterprise network issues of all sorts. With SD-WAN, VPN services can be used as an overlay. It allows using a combination of both MPLS VPNs and the Internet. While NFV makes VPNs fast, agile and flexible by leveraging software rather network hardware.

SD-WAN is a valuable way of producing uniform VPN services as infrastructures. MPLS VPNs were never built to cater to today’s challenging traffic flow. Optimize bandwidth to sync well with Public cloud and the Internet. MPLS architecture was not built for cloud, which makes it a roadblock to digitization.


VPN with SD-WAN Today

The new SD-WAN version has completely transformed older VPN’s. Groundbreaking SDN algorithms allow seamless control of operations with unprecedented speed. Not only that Not only that creating Network Groups is easier now. Earlier it was complex and cumbersome to create and maintain a VPN using command based scripts. Something that took hours can now be done in seconds with intent-driven user interface, and fast REST API based transactions. All these were was not possible earlier.

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