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Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction & Effective Treatment On It

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is described as a medical condition in which the man suffers with inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.




Erectile dysfunction (ED) is described as a medical condition in which the man suffers with inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is often referred to as impotence or Impotency. Occasional Erectile dysfunction is not common. Many men may experience an ED during times of stress. However, recurrent ED can be a sign of health complication that may require a treatment. Erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of emotional or relationship problems that may require medical attention.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Generally, the cause of erectile dysfunction is divided into 2 types. Some men may have both:

·         Psychological or mental causes – Problems with erection usually creates a major psychological and emotional reaction in most men. This is usually described as a specific pattern of anxiety and stress that can further restrict with normal sexual function. This "performance anxiety" needs to be diagnosed and addressed by your doctor. For some men, ED develops with age or may be concerned with depression or another psychological cause, like widower syndrome. Certain frame of mind can interfere with normal sexual functioning, that includes being nervous about or self-conscious about sex; feeling anxious either at home or at work; or feeling disturbed in your current relationship. In these situations, psychological counseling with you and your sexual partner may be very helpful. One episode of failure ED, irrespective of cause, may instigate psychological distress leading to further episodes of erectile dysfunction.


·      Physical or organic causes - Physical causes for erectile dysfunction are more common as compared to psychological causes. In determining a physical cause for ED, the doctor will first evaluate for specific medical conditions, like high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart and vascular ailments, low levels of male hormone, prostate cancer, and diabetes. In addition to these medical conditions, certain systemic ailments like Kidney failure, Liver cirrhosis, Hemochromatosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Epilepsy, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Hyper or Hypothyroidism and Parkinson’s disease and other disease affecting nervous, vascular, or hormonal system may also cause erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosis for Erectile Dysfunction

·         Physical Examination is the first step for diagnosis

·         Blood Tests are performed to confirm the signs of any other medical condition

·         Urine Analysis is done to check the functioning of the gland.

·         Ultrasound involves scanning of the gland.

·         Overnight erection test is a rarely performed test.

·         Psychological exam is done to understand the patient’s mental condition.

How to treat Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction depends upon the existing condition and starts with counseling and lifestyle modifications to drugs and finally, the surgical option. Treatment options are 

  • Medications
  • Alprostadil self-injection
  • Penis pumps
  • Penile Implants
  • Blood Vessel Surgery
  • Psychological counseling


Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in India with IndianMedTrip

India is currently a leading medical tourism destination providing a wide array of affordable healthcare solutions including Andrology & Urology treatments for vasectomy & erectile dysfunction. IndianMedTrip offers a wide gamut of high-quality yet low-cost medical solutions for international patients. Consultants linked with IndianMedTrip would also be glad to combine an exotic recuperation vacation at reasonable costs to go along with your medical travel.

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