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Highly Skilled and Experienced Valve Replacement Surgeons in India: a Boon for Malawians

India is home to some of the most reputed hospitals and heart surgeons in the world. surgeries are done with very highly successful surgical outcomes.


Today, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) are considered to be the leading killer disease across the globe. These diseases are quite often referred to as ‘lifestyle diseases’ because these have cropped up primarily because of our lifestyles and dietary habits going haywire. Every year the statistics are showing a rapid rise in the number of such patients.



Owing to this, the medical researchers and Cardiac experts are under immense pressure to find out newer treatment methods to curb this issue. One of the most popular Cardiac procedures is the Heart Valve Replacement. The chief aim of this surgery is to address the issue of damage caused to the extremely vital valves of the heart. There are mainly four valves, which are Aortic, Pulmonic, Mitral, and Tricuspid and the most commonly replaced one is the Aortic valve. The function of these valves is to facilitate the normal blood flow via the chambers of the heart. While performing this function, every valve needs to shut entirely after helping the blood flow. But when is any kind of damage to a valve, it is incapable of doing this appropriately. 

Issues that may cause hindrances in the normal functioning of heart valve are Valve Stenosis (stiffness) and Valve Regurgitation (leaky valve). Today there are Open Heart surgeries and Minimally Invasive approach available. The diseased valve may be corrected by using a ring to support the affected valve, or the entire valve may be taken out and replaced by an artificial valve. 

Valve Replacement Surgeons in India

Be it any medical speciality, the treatment and surgeries related to it need different levels of skill set; more specifically in Cardiology. It is about dealing with one of the most vital organs of the human body. Obviously it needs an altogether different set of skills and surgical expertise. The Indian hospitals are highly blessed in this matter because the Valve Replacement surgeons in India are highly extremely learned and have attained several years of vast experience. Their success rates are at par with global benchmarks and they have successfully cured numerous patients and they are very much favoured by the Malawian patients.

Best Surgeons and Hospitals in India

India is home to some of the most reputed hospitals and heart surgeons in the world. The hospitals have highly equipped Cardiology departments where there is availability of the most advanced treatment infrastructure, very adept and learned surgeons, well trained assistant staff, and definitely the latest Cardiac surgeries are done with very highly successful surgical outcomes. The surgeons associated with these hospitals put their best foot forward to look after the patients.

Facilities provided by Us

India Cardiac Surgery Site has a wide span of striking features and services for the Malawi medical tourists: 

  1. Over the years, we have built a very strong network comprising of the best Cardiac hospitals
  2. We have extremely competent and knowledgeable Valve Replacement surgeons in India, empanelled with us
  3. We ensure that the Malawi patients are in the best surgical hands
  4. The Malawi patients can avail the most affordable Cardiac treatment packages with us
  5. All our process are totally hassle free and we have dedicated staff to help the Malawi patients in case of any hindrances
  6. We arrange the medical visa 
  7. Keep the family members updated about the patient’s treatment and progress
  8. Our follow up services ensure complete recovery and looks after the Malawi patients even after they are back home

Packages for Malawi Nationals

Malawi is a very downtrodden country and thus the financial condition of this country is not very good. Owing to this the Malawi patients find it very difficult to bear with the rising healthcare expenditure. Firstly, advanced Cardiac surgeries like Cardiac procedures like Heart Valve Replacement are not easy viable in their country and secondly the cost is not very suitable for their pockets. But there is ample number of options in India and India Cardiac Surgery Site makes sure that these cost effective treatment packages are easily available to the Malawi Nationals. The Heart Valve Replacement surgery is priced at $1,70,000 in USA, while the same surgery costs $9,500 in India. These huge cost differences are surely very helping the Malawi heart patients to enjoy the best heart health.


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