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Vocational Trainer From Nigeria Visited India for Pituitary Tumour Treatment
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Vocational Trainer From Nigeria Visited India for Pituitary Tumour Treatment
Becca Boro, a vocational trainer from Nigeria shared view about Pituitary Tumour treatment in india , she seems to be happy because of receiving proper attention from medical staff during treatment.

“Hi, I am Becca Boro, a vocational trainer from Nigeria. I came to India for pituitary tumour treatment through the assistance of this healthcare consultant. The first symptom included the trouble with constant headaches, the pain was so severe that I thought the headache was a result of my smiles. Then one fine day, I could hardly read anything, especially as I wasn’t able to read my phone’s caller ID. The pain did not really impacted my ability to work or enjoy life, but it was beginning to be a concerning factor for me especially it was affecting my vision. I went to a local physician who asked me to undergo an MRI scan and the reports revealed that I had a pituitary tumour. My doctor told me that my pituitary tumor is 18 millimeters in diameter and located in the pituitary gland, a small bean shaped organ located at the base of the brain, behind the bridge of the nose.

Due to the lack of medical facility and good quality hospitals in Nigeria, I began searching for pituitary tumour treatment abroad. I came across an Indian healthcare consultant that was offering highest standard treatment and surgery for the pituitary tumour. I contacted them and dropped in my query. They reverted back too fast and I was given some treatment opinions by an expert panel of the country’s best neurosurgeons. I also studied the credentials of the neurosurgeon and convinced that he has been qualified from the top medical schools, I decided to get my treatment done in India. After confirmation with the consultants, I decided to travel to India for my treatment. 

I am grateful to the team of Indian healthcare consultants for their valuable assistance in arranging my medical visa, food and accommodation in India. I received proper care and attention from all the nurses and associates in the hospital. My surgeon appeared as unassuming and confident in his skill. His posture showed he knew what he was talking about. Since I came for this surgery along with my brother, he asked the surgeon some questions and the response from the doctor gave me high hopes. The services and facilities were, very commendable. Everyone was so nice and took great care of me throughout my tour in India. I would highly recommend them to any people who need any medical treatment or surgery to get it done through this Healthcare consultant in India

Thanking You,

Ms. Becca Boro, Nigeria

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