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Symptoms of Small Intestinal Cancer you shouldn’t Ignore
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Small intestine cancer is a rare disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the small intestine.

The term cancer is scary enough to give shivering in broad day light. Thanks the terror it has created among the medical circles for not finding enough about this menace despite loads of research on it. However, it can be treated if found out in the early stage. Well, are you suffering from bloods in your stools? Have your weight gone up to an unexpected level? If yes, you could be suffering from small intestine cancer. If you tend to ignore this cancer, then the cancerous cells can spread from your small intestine to the other organs of your body. In fact, you should know some of the common symptoms and other things about small intestinal cancer, which can help you in securing yourself from this menace.

What is Small Intestine Cancer?

The small intestine cancer is a type cancer, which occurs over the small intestine. The small intestine cancer has the other name – small bowel cancer. On the other side, you can find small intresting to be a tubular structure that is found in between large intestine and stomach. Some of the functions of small intestine are to simply digest and absorb nutrients. The small intestine cancers are of the following four types:
  •        Adenocarcinoma
  •        Gastrointestinal stromal tumor
  •        Lymphoma
  •        Ileal carcinoid tumor
All these types of cancers can simply start from a small intestine, which further spreads to a number of portions of the body. So, a small intestine cancer has to be treated in the earlier stages.

What are the Symptoms of Small Intestine Cancer?
Some of the early symptoms pertaining to small intestinal cancer simply appear to be weird. But anyone who is suffering from small intestine cancer can be seen experiencing discomfort over the abdominal area, which is related to the same can include nausea, bloating and loss of appetite. However, in the advance stages, the small intestine cancer can have a couple of symptoms, which are as under:
  • ·         Unexpected amount of weight loss
  • ·         Weakness
  • ·         Abdominal pain/cramps
  • ·         Lump over the abdomen
  • ·         Diarrhea
  • ·         Anemia
  • ·         Change in bowel movements
  • ·         Severe nausea and vomiting
  • ·         Blood in stools
  • ·         Jaundice along with light colour of stools appear, dark urine and eye turning to whites turning yellow

What causes Small Intestine Cancer?
The cell can become cancerous when you find the cancer becoming abnormal while it is also seen growing uncontrollably. However, the very reason behind the same is really unknown though the risk can be seen developing small intestine cancer that can go up due to several other factors. Now much is known about the small intestine cancer and its causes.

What factors increase the risk of small intestine cancer?
There are a number of factors, which increases the risk of having small intestine cancer and some of the diseases include crohn’s disease, familial polyposis syndrome and peutz jegher syndrome. The risk of having this cancer can go with a number of factors, which include smoking, obesity, and alcohol consumption, lack of physical activities and diet with loads of red meats.

Low cost Small Intestinal Cancer Surgery in India
India is rich in terms of multispecialty cancer treatment hospitals. These hospitals are known to have state of art modular surgery theatres, which is equipped with loads of diagnostic facilities for staging, detection and tumour removal surgery. The hospitals are also known to have specialization in reconstructive procedures for cancer treatment options. These surgeries are carried out by one of the best oncologists who are experienced and skilled in this domain. One of the USPs of small intestinal cancer surgery in India is its affordability and low cost as compared to the ones as compared to the western nations. So, the medical tourists have ample amount of reasons to choose for small intestinal cancer surgery in India. 

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