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Bariatric Surgery in India: Procedure, Recovery and Benefits for Obese Medical Tourists

Bariatric Surgery in India: Procedure, Recovery and Benefits for Obese Medical Tourists
Bariatric surgery is broad category of a number of surgical operations carried out for seeking weight loss among the obese people. These have been in practise since decades....

Bariatric Surgery FAQs  

If you are opting for bariatric surgery, you must be having a couple of common questions and concerns pertaining to it. Some of these common of frequently questions have been enlisted, which will address your queries, concerns and apprehensions about the surgery. Let’s check them out: 

·         What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is broad category of a number of surgical operations carried out for seeking weight loss among the obese people. These have been in practise since decades, while the development of medical sciences has devised new and advanced surgical procedures.  

·         When to start exercising after the bariatric surgery?

Anytime you want, however, you need to gradually start with short and gentle walks. Don’t forget to check your surgeon and body.

·        I have Type 2 diabetes; will the surgery for me get riskier?

It can be risky, however, if you follow the instructions of your surgeon and able to control your sugar level during the time of surgery, there is a minimum amount of risk. However, as per reports, people with Type 1 Diabetes were seen some improvement in their sugar level.


Do patients lose hair after the surgery?

Some amount of hair loss is common after the surgery in between 3 to 6 months. However, this is temporary and with proper intake of vitamins, minerals and protein, you can get back the lost hair.

·         What is recovery time after Bariatric Surgery?

The recovery would depend upon the patient and procedure adopted. Some patients can have a quicker recovery within few weeks, while others can take some time to resume their normal life especially the ones who opt for laparoscopic procedures.

Bariatric Surgery Procedures     

It is a restrictive procedure, which generally carried out using laparoscopic approach. In this procedure, the surgeon makes your stomach smaller in size, which restricts the food intake in body. The incisions made in this procedure is small followed by inserting the laparoscope (camera), which in turn help the surgeon to get the inside story and do the needful by adjusting the band in order to get rid of the overweight. This procedure takes less time as compared to the others and usually allows patients to eat diverse stuff.

Who is a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

The benefits of Bariatric surgery is only availed by the patients are considered to be the right candidate for the same. Thus if you are fall in the following conditions then you fit in as the ideal candidate for bariatric surgery:

  • ·         You should be 100 LBS or more in your body weight
  • ·         Your BMI (Body Mass Index) should not be 40 or more
  • ·         In case if you have issues like high BP, diabetes, other obesity issues, you should be more than 35 BMI.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery      

There are number of benefits you can reap after choosing the Bariatric surgery. First of all, you can find a significant and sustained kind of weight loss after the surgery. This can be a long term result and can last to 15 to 20 years. Generally the weight loss after the surgery is displayed in terms of percentage of extra weight loss, which can range in between 30 – 70 % as per the procedure chosen and patient’s elements. This means, you can even get to see some improvement in obesity related health conditions as well, which include High BP, Diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, etc.

Life After Bariatric Surgery

Life after the bariatric surgery is often a smooth experience provided you follow the instructions of the surgeon. Make sure you attend all your follow up visits during the first year of your surgery, while the adjustable gastric banding procedure would need higher frequency of visit for the band adjustment. You are supposed to get the support group in order to understand your changing emotional requirements. Lastly, you need to keep in mind that this surgery is a cosmetic procedure, which will demand certain long term lifestyle changes like exercises and diet, which will define your life after the surgery.

Bariatric Surgery with India Laparoscopy

India Laparoscopy is one of the popular medical tourism company, which caters patient friend health services packages pertaining to a different weight loss procedures with greater transparency and confidentiality. You can find a number of benefits while opting this company for your bariatric surgery in India. These include customised care for your obesity issues, competitive support services for your travel, appointments with doctors and surgeons, hospitalization and several other things. You can even avail the holiday package attached to the bariatric surgery package allowing to get rid of the stress and pressure you incur after the surgery.

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