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5 Common Causes of Toothache in Children That You Shouldn’t Ignore
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5 Common Causes of Toothache in Children That You Shouldn’t Ignore
Toothache in Children

A toothache is the worst kind of pain! It's especially painful in children since you can't see it, it doesn't go away on its own, and you can't give your child a painkiller. It's also an obvious warning sign of a significant condition that requires prompt care from a pediatric dentist.


After all, watching your child in pain is one of the most difficult aspects of being a parent. You feel powerless and want to be relieved of your agony. Finally, determining how to treat tooth pain in children will be dependent on the underlying reasons for toothaches. Here is a list of five common causes of toothache in children that you shouldn't ignore.

1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is possibly the most common cause of toothache in children. Pain occurs whenever the enamel is damaged, whether it is a minor tooth cavity or a more advanced stage of decay. This is because the tooth's sensitive nerve endings are located under the enamel. 


You should also know that cavities can develop in newborns as soon as their first tooth appears. They can also get tooth decay by drinking from a baby bottle. When babies sleep, their saliva production slows down. Sugars from breast milk, cow's milk, or juice will remain on their teeth for hours if they are given a bottle at night, rather than being rinsed away and neutralized by saliva as they are during the day.

2. Tooth fracture

Tooth fractures can occur during sports if your child receives a direct impact on the face. Because a fractured tooth isn't always obvious to the naked eye and may not always cause discomfort, tooth trauma is sometimes identified only at your child's routine dental appointment. While a fracture may appear little, it can significantly damage the health of a tooth and should be treated as such. Hidden cracks or fractures in the tooth enamel can cause toothache in apparently healthy teeth.

3. Dental abscess

If dental decay or cavities are left untreated for an extended period of time, the decay may ultimately make its way into the tooth root. When this happens, an infection develops, resulting in throbbing discomfort. This is why tooth discomfort must be handled as soon as possible before it worsens. 


If the abscess is not treated in time, it will erode through the bone and harm a developing adult tooth as well. If your kid exhibits any of these symptoms, they should visit a dentist right away. In severe cases of a recurrent dental abscess, your dentists can recommend tooth removal

4. Gum disease

Gum disease can also develop in children. While periodontitis, the most severe type of gum disease, is uncommon in kids, they often get gingivitis. Swollen, red gums, receding gums, bleeding when brushing and flossing, toothache, and poor breath are all symptoms of gingivitis. If your child doesn't maintain proper oral hygiene, the gums will normally bleed anytime a kid or parent attempts to brush/floss again. A child's oral cavity must be brushed and flossed regularly with parental assistance to avoid gum inflammation and the associated pain.

5. Bruxism

Toothache can also be caused by bruxism (tooth grinding or clenching) since the teeth get worn down as a result of the excessive force applied to them. Furthermore, bruxism can result in jaw discomfort as well as chipped or broken teeth. 


Chronic tooth grinding can erode away tooth enamel, putting your child's teeth at risk for jaw pain, enamel loss, and increased teeth sensitivity. In general, young children who grind their teeth don’t have long-term harmful impacts on their teeth. When combined with other symptoms, teeth grinding might be an indicator of sleep-disordered breathing.

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