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Brain Tumour Treatment at Best Hospitals for Brain Tumour Surgery in India

A Primary Brain Tumour starts in the Brain but not every Primary Brain Tumour is cancerous. There are Benign Tumours, which are not aggressive and usually do not invade into the nearby tissues


A Primary Brain Tumour starts in the Brain but not every Primary Brain Tumour is cancerous. There are Benign Tumours, which are not aggressive and usually do not invade into the nearby tissues, although they too can be grave and dangerous. The exact cause behind the occurrence of a Brain Tumour is not known but age can be one of them, also children and adults exposed to significant amount of radiation are more vulnerable.

The tumour cells keep growing and forms a mass. Similar to normal cells, these cells do not die and keep adding and thus the mass gets bigger. There are several types of Brain Tumours and each has its own share of risks and symptoms.

Brain Tumour Warning Signs

According to the best surgeons for Brain Tumour in India, the warning signs and symptoms related to Brain Tumours differ from person to person. This depends on the location, size and the rate at which the tumour is growing. Below-mentioned are few of the warning signs that the patients need to be wary about:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Serious and differing pattern of headaches
  • Hearing issues
  • Impassiveness or tingling sensation in legs or arms
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Fatigue and increased amount of sleep
  • Behavioural changes
  • Issues related to speech, vision and memory
  • Confusion which handling routine matters
  • Twitching or muscle jerking
  • Issues related to balance; to the extent of losing sensation in an arm or leg

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How long before Brain Tumour symptoms show?

Researcher and medical experts say that Brain Tumour symptoms may show months before it is actually diagnosed. Also, the immune system of the patient undergoes changes years before the diagnosis. So, even though the above-mentioned symptoms might overlap with other health conditions, still, the patients must pay a visit to the doctor at the earliest.

Brain Tumour Treatment depends on the Stage

There is a wide range of treatment available for curing different types of Brain Tumour - Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Targeted Drug Therapy, Minimally Invasive Brain Tumour, Surgery, Gamma Knife Radiosurgery. But the choice of treatment majorly depends on which stage of Brain Tumour the patient is suffering from. A treatment, which is possible at an earlier stage might not be suitable or prove fruitful at an advanced stage.

Brain Tumour Surgery Cost

The amount of discomfort that Brain Tumour can bring for a patient is huge and thus the need for the right treatment is very urgent. However, the cost of the treatment and surgery can burden the patients badly. But for such patients, India can be big source of respite because irrespective of which treatment is needed, India has very cost-effective solutions, even at the best hospital for Brain Tumour Surgery in India.

Even the most advanced Minimally Invasive Keyhole Surgery for Brain Tumours are priced very sensibly and hence suits the budget of the medical tourists. No wonder, the footfalls of international patients in India are soaring high, with each passing year.

Why global patients prefer India for surgery?

The hospitals in India are home to the most advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment. Further, highly progressive Minimally Invasive Keyhole Surgery for Brain Tumours, which have proved extremely beneficial for several patients, are performed with high success rates.

Presence of extremely learned and experienced makes it very rewarding experience for the patients. The best surgeons for Brain Tumour in India are credited with many success stories.

Be it the patients from developed or underprivileged nations, everyone is eligible to avail the best-priced Brain Tumour treatment.

The medical tourists can avail the assistance of Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India, a group with the best kind of services for international patients.

How we can help?

At Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India, we have dedicated services focused to meet the needs of the international patients. We have association with the best hospitals for Brain Tumour Surgery in India. The medical tourists, that is you, get to choose from a list of Brain Tumour Centers in Delhi and Mumbai, where we can easily plan the treatment. Not only this, you are looked after by the best surgeons for Brain Tumour in India and we can schedule the earliest possible appointment with them.

We cut down the long waiting period so that you do not have to suffer the discomfort for a long time. Additionally, we also have services like:

  • Medical visa, stay, travel related support
  • 24/7 support from our representatives to handle your queries
  • Handling the coordination on your behalf
  • Very affordable Brain Tumour surgery packages
  • You need not worry even if you do have any referrals or insurance coverage
  • Maximum comfort and attention ensured for you
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