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Destructive forces cause damage
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No matter where you live on this great planet of ours, nature will always find a way to wreak havoc on your life. You could have severe storms dropping foot after foot of snow around your home.

 You could live on the open plains where a tornado whips up at a moment’s notice.  You could suffer with tsunamis bringing the devastating effects of a flood into your community.  You could live on the coast and suffer the brutal forces of a deadly hurricane.  We can accept all of nature’s wonders, but we also must live with all of nature’s destruction.  These natural phenomenons can create dangerous circumstances for the neighborhoods which are impacted by the occurrences.   The storms can lead to loss of life, extensive property damage, and other devastating consequences.   All you have to do is to look at New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the Far East after the recent tsunamis and the East Coast of the United States after Super Storm Sandy.   All of these forces of nature packed amazing amounts of power which was unleashed on the populace.  There is power loss, collapsed homes, and trees ripped from the ground.   If you are lucky you may have only suffered minor damage to your home, and hopefully no serious loss of life or harmful injury.  A home can be repaired, especially a chimney rebuild task to insure continued use of your fireplace.

Rebuilding is important
After the storm has whipped through your neighborhood, you need to check your home for damage.  You inspect the roof, the windows, the walls, and the property for any evidence that your homes structural integrity is weakened. If you notice any bricks, mortar or concrete on the ground, either outside or in your fireplace, you may need to consider a chimney rebuild. Your chimney is the chute which carries the smoke and ash away from your home.  It allows the fireplace to effectively function and provide warmth and heat.  It provides ventilation for your furnace and boiler so that all harmful toxins are removed from the air in your home.

If there are any loose bricks, or holes in the chimney, this could affect the ability of the chimney to work.   You may start a fire and the smoke and ash come billowing out at a number of different locations along the length of the chimney.    Another concern is the boiler chimney.  This runs along the side of your home.  If the chimney is damaged and not rebuilt, harmful pollutants may leak out along the shaft, possibly into the living areas of your home.  A careful inspection of your chimney is required after any major storm.

 Make the effort
If you do not want to rebuild your chimney, than you need to stop using the fireplace and the boiler or furnace.  Without a fully sealed chimney, with no holes or damage, you are not sufficiently ventilating your home.  This can have devastating and long lasting effects.   You may have escaped serious injury from the storms, but if left uncorrected, the damage to your chimney will continue to create problems in your home.  If a chimney cap repairs becomes a necessity, do not ignore it.

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