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Ventilation is crucial
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A cleaner way to create heat and warmth is to burn wood. You can do this, albeit on a smaller scale, in your home.

As we go about our day, we are breathing in air that has pollutants and contaminants in it from various sources.   Hopefully, our homes are not one of those sources.  We spend a great majority of our time in our homes.  That is why we expend so much effort and energy into the decision to purchase a new home.  As a home owner, you are responsible for maintaining your property on a daily basis.  This does not always include monitoring your air supply.  In fact, this is something we never spend any time thinking about, we breathe the air, not giving it a moment’s pause as to the actual contents of the substance we are inhaling into our lungs. 

This is normal, we cannot control the air we breathe, and we can only attempt to control the substances that are expelled into our atmosphere.  The green movement is attempting to reduce our carbon emissions so that we will have healthy air to breathe for generations.  We must all do our part to help the global community, and the health of our planet and species.  The most dangerous emissions are caused by burning fossil fuels.  A cleaner way to create heat and warmth is to burn wood.

Why get a chimney sweep?

When we think of a chimney sweep, we conjure up images of Dick Van Dyke form Mary Poppins.  Small thin men, and children, were used to climb inside a chimney with a brush and clean the insides of the stack.  Over the years, the process has become more streamlined and automated, but the essence is the same.  You need to remove all of the excess dirt, debris, and grime from the liner of the chimney to optimize the effectiveness of your fireplace. A chimney sweeper will scrub the insides of your chimney so that the smoke and ash are allowed to flow freely and easily up through the chute and out into the night air.  This simple, yet important, task allows the air in your home to remain as toxin free as possible, giving you breathable clean air in your homes.  

You may not give it a second thought, but a failure to effectively clean your chimney will result in the obstructed flow of smoke and ash.  Since the substances cannot flow up the chimney, the debris is forced into your homes.  This will contaminate your air.  Chimney sweep services will eliminate this harmful ending, removing all obstacles form your chimney, and creating an atmosphere which is supported by happy flames not engulfed by dangerous smoke. 

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