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How Washington DC Chimney Cleaning keeps your Home Safe
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A Washington DC chimney cleaning company is available for annual inspections of your chimney as well as for chimney sweep jobs.

Prevention is always the best key. Did you know that you can help prevent a chimney fire in your home? Over 14% of all fires are caused by a chimney. With a few preventative measures in place, you can almost alleviate the worries of a fire in your home.

Tips for keeping your Chimney Clean& Safe

Keep your chimney clean by sweeping ashes from around the wood stove after each use. This will prevent messes as well as dangerous fires. Remember, if there ever is a fire, no matter what the cause, water should not be used to try to put it out. Water will only cause a wood stove fire to expand and cause further damage.

Choosing a quality wood will also help you keep your chimney clean and safer to use. There are many types of wood available to burn in your stove. Good wood will have a 15% to 25% moisture content. It should be kept in a dry spot and covered if it is outside. A moisture meter can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive price which helps detect if your firewood is safe to burn.

The best tip of all: call in a Washington D.C. chimney sweep professional on an annual basis. A chimney sweep pro can inspect your chimney and determine if it needs to be cleaned. If it does, professional equipment is sued for the job. You can relieve stress and worry when you hire a professional to come into your home and clean the chimneys. We will talk more about this later in the article.

Benefits of a Chimney Sweep

There are many benefits of a chimney cleaning. The biggest benefit is that you greatly reduce the risk of fire in your home. A chimney fire can quickly spread into a dire across the home and cause a substantial amount of damage or devastation to your home. Injuries are also possible if you have soot and cresol built-up inside of the chimney.

Your stove will provide more efficient heating throughout the home after it is cleaned, and that nasty smell will be all gone. Everyone will appreciate these benefits! And, all of that smoke that comes out of the chimney will be a thing of the past. Surely you, as well as the neighbors, will appreciate this benefit.

Many awesome benefits of chimney cleaning are available, as you can see, but the fact alone that you provide so much protection against fire should convince you to have your chimneys cleaned when it becomes necessary.

How Often is a Cleaning Needed?

There is no set amount of time expected for a chimney sweep but it is recommended that you hire a Washington DC chimney cleaning company at least one time per year to inspect the chimney. Professionals have tools including video cameras that can see all the way into your chimney, determining if a cleaning is needed and leaving no doubt about that answer.

Once a chimney sweep is cleaned, plan for the job to take about 8 hours to complete. This is the length of time that a job without any complications will take. Should something happen, the job can take longer. The length of time that it takes to clean also varies from one company to the next and the type of cleaning procedure that is used.

Final Thoughts

Chimney cleaning is a necessary part of life for many homeowners. This is one service that you should ensure is done as it is needed. Fires are very dangerous and can quickly cause injuries to those that you love and damage your home. When your chimneys are clean, there is less risk that this will happen. Don't you want to go to sleep each night with peace of mind? There isn't an easier way to get it than with a professional cleaning the chimney at your home.

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