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How Chimney Dampers Work
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A top chimney damper is the valve that the closes the chimney’s opening when the chimney is not presently being utilized.

A top chimney damper is the valve that the closes the chimney's opening when the chimney is not presently being utilized. Chimney dampers may sound like a simple device, but they are important devices for preventing smoke from filing up your home. The chimney damper is actually one of the most energy efficient pieces of equipment in your home, and can save you a lot of money.

'Chimney Effect'. This refers to when warm air moves up the chimney, and in the process, sucks more warm air from your home to move up the chimney. The chimney damper is important to prevent the air inside the chimney and fireplace from sucking in outside air. This will save you on heating and energy costs overall too. When the damper is left open in your home, it allows an avenue of escape for the warm air in your house.

Chimney dampers play a larger role than simply keeping the warm air in your house outside of the chimney. They are also effective at containing the fire in the fireplace and preventing the fire from burning out of control. This is because chimney dampers prevent high amounts of oxygen from making their way to the fireplace. If you ever find that smoke has filled your home, it could be because the fire has gone out of control due to the chimney dampers either being broken or left open.

The Chimney Damper will be located at the bottom of the chimney. It will have a handle that you can use to open the damper. Typically, this handle (or knob) is located right above the opening of the fireplace. Some chimneys may also have a damper located at the top of the chimney. To operate one of these, there will be a handle inside of the fireplace allowing you to open and close the damper. The handle is connected to a cable that runs up to the top of the chimney.

*Parts of the Chimney Dampers

-The first part of the chimney damper that we'll discuss is the handle that hangs down from the fireplace. This is the most commonly used part of the chimney dampers, and also the simplest component. This lever takes is a quick push or pull towards the back or towards the front of the fireplace to operate.

-The next part we'll discuss is the rotary mechanism. This piece is a little more difficult than the main handle, and may require two hands. For the best grip placement on the rotary, place one hand outside the fireplace but right above the opening, and the other hand inside the saddle at the damper frame.

*Chimney Damper Tricks

-Never light your fireplace until your damper is open. Always keep yourself up to date on the condition of your damper; if it ever leaks, you should probably replace it with a top chimney damper that is airtight.

For More Information Chimney Sweeping Vacuum

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