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Get Benefits of Surgery Packages on economic prices in India for Zambians

The African country of Zambia has a very weak healthcare system, which is lagging much behind because of the grave shortages of healthcare resources.


The medical tourism industry is at its peak today and India is a one of the leaders in this industry. The healthcare system of India has excellent features that has positioned India is a leading place. Every year, there are innumerable patients from across the globe, who are favouring India for availing medical treatment.  Not only from developed countries, but India particularly has been witnessing in the rising numbers of patients from developing countries like Zambia. 

The African country of Zambia has a very weak healthcare system, which is lagging much behind because of the grave shortages of healthcare resources. The country faces severe lack of healthcare professionals, ample nursing staff, latest medical equipment, updated treatment infrastructure, and other shortcomings like continual migration of doctors, insufficiency of health centres, expensive treatment etc. With so many issues, it is obvious that the Zambian population has to suffer a lot and thus they opt for India because all their requirements are fulfilled by the Indian healthcare system and the results are at par with their expectations.

Special Surgery cost benefits to Zambia Patients

One of the primary reasons why the Zambian patients are visiting India is the possibility of getting very low priced treatment options. surgery packages on economic prices for Zambians these packages are proving to be highly beneficial and they are finding coming to India a very rewarding decision, especially due to the financial relief. For example, the Zambian patients can avail the Heart Valve procedure for $9,500 in India while the same procedure costs as high as $1,70,000 in USA. Similarly, the Heart Bypass surgery costs $1,23,000 in USA but in India it costs only $7,900. 

Special offers for Medical Tour in India for Zambia

As mentioned above, these huge cost differences are a pleasure for these Zambian patients because India makes sure to provide outstanding healthcare services coupled with cost benefits to one and all. While in India, India Cardiac Surgery Set ensures the viability of receiving the surgery packages on economic prices for Zambians. We understand that this is what makes India a highly lucrative treatment destination and that the Zambians look forward to these cost benefits. We have customised treatment packages and well planned special offers for our Zambian patients on their medical tour in India.

Indian Medical Visa Assistance from Zambia

Getting timely Medical Visa is a huge concern for the international patients visiting a different country for availing treatment. When it comes to India, India is extremely well connected to every corner of the world and this is why patients from the farthest corner of the globe can easily come here. Also, for the Zambian patients, getting Indian medical visa is also a very hassle free process as there is excellent medical visa support that is provided. Therefore, the surgery packages on economic prices for Zambians can be availed without any trouble.

Best Cardiologists in India

One of the key factors that place India in a highly advantageous stature is the presence of highly practised doctors; especially the Cardiologists in India are enormously knowledgeable and have extensive experience where they can deal with the most complex kinds of heart conditions and also can very meticulously perform the most intricate heart procedures ensuring the best results and also gives the surgery packages on economic prices for Zambians. Further, these Cardiologists are acquainted with the most progressive treatment techniques and infrastructure and can use them very skilfully. The success rate of these heart specialists is very high and they not only can diagnose the heart conditions aptly but also ascertain the prevention of any future relapse.


India is continually updating her healthcare system to keep it at par with the fast paced progress of the field of medicine. There is presence of a comprehensive range of most matured treatment choices yet at extremely reasonable prices. Therefore, India becomes the easy and most rewarding choice for the Zambian patients, when it comes the choosing the treatment destination. 


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