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Email Marketing Versus Transactional Email: 4 Example To Win Over Your Customer
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Email Marketing Versus Transactional Email: 4 Example To Win Over Your Customer
Read the article and get to know about what are the best examples to win over your customer between Email marketing and transactional email.

Thinking about Transactional Email and Email Marketing is to focus on an environment that presents multiple opportunities to communicate with users during the different phases of the Customer Journey and even after the purchase has been completed. This strengthens the bond between the company and customers, in addition to promoting loyalty.


And since the options are numerous, it is essential to identify them to create campaigns that adapt to the needs of each company and, of course, of the subscribers. But understanding that this is not a simple task, a touch of inspiration is always helpful to start the job. Get to know more about Welcome email template via reading online.


Check out the following examples of Email Marketing and Transactional that we collect for you.

1. Email Marketing: motivation and empathy

From Duolingo, with love,” that meaningful and straightforward is the subject that welcomes the message of this application, the one that fulfills a valuable characteristic: the surprise effect. Finding an email of this type not only attracts attention but also shows a more human side of the brand, generating greater closeness and trust.

What makes it stand out?

  • By incorporating the heart in its isotype, it reinforces the feeling of affection.

  • Empathize with your users and help them stay motivated.

  • Turn a complex scenario into an opportunity to continue learning.

  • Include a clear CTA that doesn't compete with other elements.

  • Provide three options to facilitate learning and make it more entertaining.

  • It gives freedom of choice by displaying the ten language alternatives, adapting to different types of interests.

  • The design is simple and does not interrupt written or visual communication.

2. Email Marketing: give meaningful gifts

On select dates such as Women's Day, the offers increase considerably, and it is precise during those occasions where incorporating a differentiating message or element is essential. This increases the chances of standing out in the Inboxes and makes the message more attractive.

What is the highlight of the La Fête Chocolat shipment?

  • Show proactivity and empathy when tuning in to a disease present in the target group of the campaign.

  • Let customers be part of that initiative, making them feel that their gift will be even more valuable.

  • Its pastel colors perfectly complement the main product and the Petit Délice.

  • It is clear when informing for what type of sale and until what date the promotion is valid.

  • Offers a special discount and the opportunity to combine product according to customer preference

  • Take advantage of the footer by including useful links for users and links to their social networks.

3. Transactional Email: thank and confirm the purchase

This type of automated mail provides transparency and provides peace of mind to the consumer. It will be proof that your executed process came to fruition, which is essential to avoid generating uncertainties regarding the destination of the invested resources and the delivery of the service that was contracted.

Where does ESET email stand out?

  • It begins by giving prominence to the main objectives: to thank and report the success of the process.

  • Specifies the service to be activated and what the contracted functionality allows.

  • It shows in limited and straightforward steps how to perform the activation.

  • It reinforces the idea of ​​what must be done to ensure the highest level of protection.

  • It includes the details of the license with the key that will be essential to download and activate products (which we modify to protect the client).

  • Add the link for assistance and technical support.

4. Transactional Email: welcome, with a getting, started guide

We have mentioned it in other articles, adding value to the emails that are sent is essential to strengthening the relationship with users, and this should be fulfilled from the first point of contact. So, starting to welcome is a relevant act that all companies should adopt; however, it is essential to offer more than those ten letters.

What features make this Google submission stand out?

  • Thank and install a personal communication by including the user's name.

  • It tells you that you are in control, showing you the links to set up your account.

  • Add links to your main products, as well as a relationship with suggestions for uses.

  • As the mail is automatic, it emphasizes that there are a Center and a Help Forum where you can access in case you have a query.

  • It shows the existence of benefits when using the products.

  • It presents an intuitive design perfectly compatible with mobile devices.

Final thoughts

Both Email Marketing campaigns and Transactional Email shipments must meet certain conditions to achieve their objectives and become a valuable tool for companies and subscribers. However, the excellent experience has to go beyond the inboxes, and this includes the post-sale stage.


To be more precise, not even the best email campaign will be able to retain a customer or keep them loyal if, for example, after the purchase, their product does not arrive, and they do not receive the corresponding explanation. Companies must take care of the entire process, even when working with an external logistics service. The fact that it presents delays or does not work correctly does not exempt brands from the commitment to their users.


Therefore, together with the campaigns, there must be a protocol that accompanies and delivers responses to consumers in each of the stages. If they feel understood and receive solutions on time, the excellent performance of the shipments will not be fruitless.

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