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7 Good HR Practices That Your Company Should Take Into Account
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7 Good HR Practices That Your Company Should Take Into Account
Do you feel that your company is a bit stagnant and needs a change of scenery? Have you wondered how you are doing your homework lately? From time to time we need to do an exercise in self-criticism.

Since we know that you want to improve the productivity of your company, we have drawn up a list of good HR practices to startup today.

Good HR practices to implement:

1- Digitize Recruitment Processes To The Maximum!

Your office is full of CVs, business cards, brochures, motivation letters, guides ... Do you find it difficult to see things clearly and this burden overwhelms you? Think about how to digitize your recruits to the maximum and start using new recruitment techniques. 

Quickly, you will have a more effective overview of your to-do list and when you have finished one of the many that you have daily you will be satisfied.

So, start to carry out these good HR practices by   digitizing your recruits and organizing yourself:

Reduce the number of paper CVs by sharing candidate files and delayed video interviews with your HR and operational partners! CuteHR is an interactive and participatory platform for candidate pre-selection solutions.

Create a  cloud that collects all your documents, data, and interview reports. Bet on  SaaS solutions such as  Google Drive or  Amazon WorkDocs.

For your to-do lists, forget about paper and think digitally! Trello or  Basecamp offers you a free and effective platform to manage your missions and your deadlines.

2- Promote training!

Among the good HR practices that we have selected, this is one of the most important (and our favorite!). You should never stop learning things and less in the professional field. So allowing workers to train in certain fields is always a wise move.

According to a Manpower study on the  Talent shortage in France  (October 2016),  23% of the CHROs interviewed stated that they had difficulties recruiting qualified employees. So the solution is to promote the training of employees who are already in your company to increase their skills with changing professions.

You can get qualified teachers and experts to come to your company or digitize this part. The  MOOC and SPOC  are training  100% online that offer educational programs and accredited certificates.

Why invest in training? Because we are talking about good HR practices to carry out! And this is essential. The rise of new technologies revolutionizes our ways of living and consuming both in private and professional life. 

Training is no exception and it is important to adapt it to new technologies. Bet on  “Digital Learning”  for your collaborators!

Training workers in different areas makes them motivated and create a special bond with the company. This is vital to improve the productivity and performance of the company and to have greater involvement on the part of the employee.

3- Big Data And Predictive Recruitment!

The predictive recruitment also falls under good HR practices. It is a method that allows us to reliably anticipate the chances of success of an employee's collaboration thanks to a series of algorithms.

 “Success” is characterized by their performance within a team and by their tasks, but also by their personal development in the company.

We recommend that you do an internal audit to quantify, qualify, and evaluate the skills and Soft Skills of your collaborators. Your competencies will reflect the success criteria for a given position. To collect this information, you can rely, for example, on annual evaluation sheets, professional interviews, or job descriptions, so that you can develop an algorithm.

4- Listen To Your Workers

We cannot speak of good HR practices if we do not carry out one of the most important maxims we have in our profession: Listen to our collaborators!

It is vitally important that the people who work with us are comfortable. You can never forget the word "human" that is within the acronym HR.

5- Gamification: Reward The Workers

You may be wondering what a concept as modern as gamification does in a list of good HR practices. That is exactly why we have included it in our advice! Companies need a breath of fresh air, dare with more innovative techniques. Only in this way will a good work environment and great involvement by the workers be achieved.

Gamification consists of implementing different leisure activities that, in principle, have nothing to do with the job in question, to increase productivity, promote motivation, and improve internal communication within the company.

Implementing gamification in your company is not as difficult as it seems. The only thing you have to be clear about is what you want to achieve using this strategy. Never do something simply because it is fashionable. Set specific goals such as increasing sales, and go for them! Do you think that gamification should occupy a place in our manual of good HR practices?

6- Become Responsible For Wellness!

You have not chosen HR,  HR has chosen you!  If you are very enthusiastic and optimistic in your personal life, you must ensure that all this good energy is breathed among your teams.

But what is happiness in the company? It consists of a set of conditions that allow collaborators to develop personally in their daily work environment.

Operational managers have a key role to play in carrying out good HR practices, but you, as HR, are the pioneer. Employees face many difficulties that will have an impact on their work environment; so they must be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment (process changes, rotations, missions ...).

For everyone to be able to experience these transitions in the best possible way, it is necessary for the team to believe more in the company and to be part of the project so that each one can find their place. Employees must have a good image of the company they work for, which is known to all as employer branding.

7- Offer The Best Of Yourself To Satisfy Everyone!

This, in addition to being part of the good HR practices that we propose, can be applied in all fields of your life. Making life more pleasant for others is something that can only bring you benefits. Dealing with the happiness of others is not easy. But, do n't forget that you are the priority! In your personal life, do what you can to be happy and that this well-being has an impact on your professional life.


Take the opportunity to reflect on your missions and see where they are going, attend HR events to expand your network of contacts and learn from the experience of your colleagues.

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