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8 Incredible Health Benefits of Milk

8 Incredible Health Benefits of Milk
Milk lost its reputation in recent years since more and more people prefer dairy-free options like soy or coconut milk.

However, common milk is packed with essential nutrients that can boost your overall health. Most non-dairy milk alternatives contain only a small portion of nutrients that traditional milk offers. Here are 8 convincing health reasons to include milk in your everyday diet. 

1. Strengthen bones

Milk is one of the best foods for bone health. Milk may provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamin C that essential for healthy bones. It promotes proper bone growth in babies and infants. However, adults can also benefit from drinking milk. It can help keep your bones strong. Thus you may decrease your risk of a bone condition called osteoporosis

2. Relieve PMS

A glass of milk can really help relieve symptoms of PMS due to the high content of calcium. Calcium may reduce levels of fatigue, appetite changes, and depression. Milk also lowers the likelihood of emotional and physical PMS symptoms. However, you need to be careful since symptoms in women with lactose intolerance PMS may get worse. 

3. Relieve heartburn

Many foods high in acids may cause heartburn. One of the simplest ways to relieve heartburn symptoms is to drink a glass of milk. This dairy drink may lower the acidity in your stomach. It absorbs acid formation in the stomach, stopping any burning sensation. If you drink milk prior to eating acidic foods, it coats the esophagus and stomach lining and may prevent heartburn. 

4. Strength teeth

Milk is extremely good for your teeth. It is a great source of calcium that strengthens the teeth. Keep in mind that your body absorbs calcium more efficiently with vitamin D. For this reason, make sure that the milk you drink is fortified with vitamin D. Milk may also prevent tooth decay. It lowers acidity in the mouth and prevents enamel damage caused by acids. Talk to your dentist in Queens about including more milk in your diet. 

5. Relieve stress

Milk is a perfect source of various nutrients and vitamins that act as stress relievers. It contains a protein called lactium that is found to be effective against stress. Lactium has a calming effect and may reduce the cortisol level. One cup of milk before bed can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. 

6. Boost energy

Milk is a great way to boost your energy. Lack of proteins in your diet may cause chronic fatigue. Proteins break down faster than carbohydrates, thus proteins are a longer-lasting energy source. If you need a little pick-me-up after a hard day then take a glass of cold milk. It will revitalize your energy in no time. 

7. Promote muscle growth

Milk is a rich source of proteins that promote muscle growth. Many athletes drink milk after exercise. It provides the organism with important nutrients that your muscles need to recover faster. Milk also decreases the likelihood of muscle soreness that often appears the day after intensive training. Drinking milk immediately after training restores the fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. 

8. Improves skin

Few glasses of milk a day can make your skin supple and glowing. It contains several nutrients that can help your skin look better. You can drink milk or apply it topically. Milk contains a lactic acid that gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Amino acids in milk can help keep skin moisturized. Milk also prevents damage caused by environmental toxins due to its high content of antioxidants. 

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