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Has Globalization Helped Corona Virus to Spread Rapidly?
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The death toll comes to countless nations right from Western Europe to East Asia. Nearly over 19 million individuals lost their lives.

There is a myth happening in many parts of the planet, that due to globalization, the Covid-19 virus could spread easily and influence many around the world. Although it could possibly be true, that because of fast distance coverage by air, water and other resources, Corona virus live counter the illness spread, laying the entire blame on globalization isn't right.

The supports of deglobalization wish to build walls like the Great Wall of China, restrict voyages and travel, reduce the trading between nations. Yes, in such times of Corona crisis, it's needed to put a temporary quarantine, but long time implications of isolation among countries can cause a financial collapse. Simply speaking, the most crucial factor in the present time is co-operation among all states and definitely, not isolation.

Epidemics such as plague and small pox have ruined many cultures around the world. There were times, when people used to leave the entire city and villages, proceed to some other place to start a fresh life. In the ancient ages, there weren't any proper way of transport such as ships and planes. But the epidemics occurred. For example, just observe the Black Death epidemic of 14th century. The death toll comes to countless nations right from Western Europe to East Asia. Nearly over 19 million individuals lost their lives.

To be honest, they attempted every measure and strategy to control the outbreak. Many approaches were unsanitary and didn't deliver good results. Some cultures relied on superstition and thought the epidemic was a curse or punishment against the Gods. In some nations, coronavirus real time counter the wholesome individuals used to shift to other places leaving behind the dead, sick and undeserving livestock. There's also proof of human sacrifice to appease the Gods as a means of warding off the epidemic.

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