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Corona Virus and Revenge of GOD
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However this is not the case with the Muslim Countries we have destroyed, for them this is a permanent part of their lives -- Only for the unfortunate ones who managed to survive!

I thought I should write about this. Clearly there is a need to do so and this is the right time to talk about it openly. If we look around we see wars against the Muslim world. No Muslim country today can stand up and say they are safe. In the name of peace USA along with every non-Muslim country is now standing against Muslims. Although in our societies we talk about rights, freedom of speech and equality but it is only done to portray a friendly face and above all to avoid chaos in own homeland.

On the other hand rest assured western world show no mercy to Muslim world, all possible ways are adopted to bring chaos to the order among the Muslim nations. Especially from last two decades several wars have been raged against Muslim world. Afghanistan, IRAQ, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine -- You name it!!Most recently Kashmir became the victim of Indian atrocity. Where women are raped openly, people are in house arrest since August 2019, people are arrested from their homes for no reason, no access to medicine and schools are closed as if they do not exist.

I am not talking telling tails or stories from the past, above are facts that can be verified by simple googling. The problem is only if we want to google!!!

This Corona Virus in my view is the revenge of GOD at a very minimum level from all of the human race. In my view it is a reminder to tell us that how we feel when we are locked in our homes, schools are closed, hospitals are inaccessible, no holidays and beach time. Although this is still bearable by us westerners because we have access to money to buy food in bulk, government support to feed the needy and shelter for everyone. However this is not the case with the Muslim Countries we have destroyed, for them this is a permanent part of their lives -- Only for the
unfortunate ones who managed to survive!

Below are examples where I think Corona Virus is a direct result of Divine intervention.

 Innocent Kashmir’s are put under house arrest by Indian Army without access to basic necessities that includes, medicine, food and internet.

Divine Intervention: Whole world is now self-isolating, equivalent to house arrest.

 2) Boris Johnson and other world leaders called Muslim Women LETTER BOXES for covering their faces.

Devin Intervention: Even the men are now covering their faces using masks!

 Muslims do not go to pubs and clubs and world called them weirdos.

Devin Intervention: Pubs and clubs are closed throughout the world and now no one would even want to go there.

 First world countries introduced Visa system to block people coming over from poor countries to earn their living.

Divine Intervention: First world countries are now themselves locked out from travelling. World most powerful passport holders are not even allowed to board the plane.

World should wake up and take this opportunity to think about what their governments have been doing since last 20 years. UK along with NATO forces have been committing genocide and war crimes across the Muslim world. UK along with US bombed IRAQ blaming them for having weapons of mass destruction, and eventually Prime Minister Tony Blair simply walked away by saying he was mistaken as there were none such weapons!!! – However Iraq was destroyed and Iraqis were sent into the Stone Age, but we in western world were making money!

US, UK and NATO went into war with Afghanistan saying they are terrorist (I am not disputing that here), but after 20 years of war and killing of so called Terrorists, USA made truce with Taliban and historic peace agreement was signed. The question is WHY OUR GOVERNMENTS ONLY SEEK PEACE AFTER DESTROYING A CIVILIZATION COMPLETELY AND NOT BEFORE!!!

I hope we will wake up and question ourselves as to where are we heading, what are we doing, whatis the purpose of our lives, why are we so ignorant of what is happening around us and most importantly WHY THE WESTERN WORLD IS KILLING THE MUSLIM WORLD IN THE NAME OF PEACE ???

Think about it before it is too late!!!
Author: Mr Masood Alam

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