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6 Technologies of the Future That Are Already Close to Reality
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6 Technologies of the Future That Are Already Close to Reality
With the development of technologies, we begin to notice how the world around us responds and begins to change along with these developments.

Despite the fact that many technologies in this list are already beginning to be applied slowly, some still remain only in their infancy. 

We are on the verge of a new technological era in the history of mankind and although the future shown in science fiction films is still a long way off, many of the technologies on this list are even more futuristic than we could imagine:

1. Unmanned Vehicles

Self-driving cars have long been tested and implemented by many large corporations. In comparison with traditional cars, they offer a considerable number of advantages such as the degree of comfort and convenience and a lower number of accidents. Car manufacturers anticipate a time when every car on the road will be unmanned, and already today you can lease a BMW with some features of an autopilot system.

The abandonment of classic cars will be comparable to how people once abandoned horse carriages. The benefits of self-driving vehicles with an increase in their numbers will only grow. People will soon be able to forget about morning traffic jams forever.

2. Artificially Grown Meat

Do we have to kill other creatures in order to eat what we like? Already today we can grow many amazing things in laboratories, as well as produce things using 3D printing. The emergence of artificially grown meat can transform the process of consumption, change the environment and the economy. Even the way we use the free spaces of land will change because we no longer have to give huge tracts of land for livestock breeding.

3. Printed Human Organs

Hospitals today face an acute shortage of donor organs. Many people simply can not get the treatment they need. Organs created using 3D printing and grown in the laboratory can fundamentally change this situation. Artificial organs can be created in accordance with the specification that is needed. Eternal waiting lists and unnecessary sacrifices will go down in history.

This will help overcome the barrier to the longevity of people. The lack of organs for transplantation causes a huge number of deaths around the world every year.

4. Ubiquitous Algorithms

Science fiction has always focused on AI as an artificial mind but missed an important step in the development of such technologies. It's about smart algorithms that today form the scenarios of our interaction with advertising and even can understand who we will vote for. They know us better than our friends because they have crazy amounts of data in their “hands”.

Algorithms with a training system can independently improve over time in doing routine tasks. Regardless of our participation, such technologies will improve on their own.

5. Augmented Reality

The first generation of augmented reality is now being introduced. These include virtual and supplemented reality. In conjunction with the Internet of things, supplemented reality offers significant opportunities. Our wardrobe could show the current temperature outside so that we could easily select the right clothes. We no longer have to constantly look at the phone, all the necessary information will always be in front of our eyes.

6. Communication With Devices

The speed of adopting smart devices and gadgets connected to the Internet will depend on the ease of their interaction. Smart home speakers showed that regardless of the understanding of how the gadget is arranged, soon each user will be able to communicate with any equipment using voice. In the future you no longer have to understand the functions and features of home appliances, it will be enough just to say what you need.

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