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6 Amazing Features That Must Appear in Cars in the Future
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6 Amazing Features That Must Appear in Cars in the Future

In recent years, the development of new technologies has significantly changed our lives and they continue doing this in the future. In the next ten years, new features will appear in cars. These technologies will make cars even more comfortable and safe. So what should we expect from the cars industry in the future?

Below are 6 amazing features that must appear in cars in the future. 

1. Augmented reality panels

Earlier, augmented reality seemed like technology from science fiction films about the future. Now such applications can be downloaded to any smartphone. Cars are also no exception, and windshields with integrated monitors that project augmented reality are already being tested. 

This is more convenient than touch monitors installed in cars today because the driver does not need to distract or turn his head to the side. With augmented reality, all the data is right in front of the driver on the windshield. 

Augmented reality will demonstrate many important things like speed, fuel consumption, and technical information about the condition of the car. It will be able to detect obstacles on the road, search for optimal routes, objects along the route, and even more. It will turn driving into something like a video game.

2. Automatic diagnostics

Cars already have primitive automatic diagnostic systems, but they do not give detailed information about the problem, but only signal problems in the engine and other parts of the car. General Motors and Toyota are working on an intelligent diagnostic system that can diagnose malfunctions with a detailed description of the problem, then find information about the nearest garages, and even book repairs. 

This technology will allow drivers to save money and increase the safety of the car significantly.

3. Internet of cars

Humanity has already invented the Internet of Things(the connection of devices into one network). Roughly the same technology is planned for implementation in cars. This technology is called V2V(Vehicular communication systems) or car communication systems. 

With this technology, cars will be able to communicate with each other, transfer coordinates, speed, motion vector, and share other parameters. V2V will inform vehicles about dangerous maneuvers of other cars and help prevent the accident. Its implementation will help save a lot of lives, and road accidents caused by health problems of drivers like fainting.

4. Health screening system

These systems are already being tested by automakers such as Ford, and they are based on the same principles as fitness bracelets. Sensors built into seat belts and steering wheel monitor heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and other important parameters. According to them, they determine the driver's vigilance, his consciousness, and if the indicators deviate from the norm, they issue a warning about the state of health. In emergencies, for example, if the heart rate and breathing are below a certain level, the car will stop and call an ambulance.

5. External airbags

The airbags hidden in the steering wheel and front panel have appeared for a long time. But in recent years the car manufacturers have started thinking about the development of external airbags. Back in 2019, ZF demonstrated the operation of external airbags, which are designed to decrease the consequences of an accident. Companies like Mercedes Benz and Volvo are already developing external airbag concepts for their future cars.

6. Autonomous control

This feature is implemented by most car manufacturers. Even IT companies like Google and Yandex are testing their unmanned cars, which are already very successful in coping with tasks and drive no worse than the average driver. If necessary, the driver can take control of the car, and the rest of the time he will enjoy the trip without driving the car. Of course, almost self-driving cars already available on the market are expensive. But you can lease a Tesla Model S for a reasonable price and enjoy this technology already now. 


Self-driving cars will reduce the number of accidents to a minimum, since the robot will not get drunk, make dangerous maneuvers for fun, or violate traffic rules.

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