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Hot Trends in Wedding Makeup for 2019
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Hot Trends in Wedding Makeup for 2019
The main goals of wedding makeup in this new season is being expressive but not overwhelming.

No matter what you choose – nude, smokey eyes or a classic winged eyeliner – your makeup shouldn’t overshadow you. You are the queen of the day, and your makeup is your weapon enhancing your natural beauty, just with a bit of extra glamour.

The focus of trendy makeup is a bride’s perfect radiant skin. If this effect is achieved, you will look awesome no matter what style you choose. The more natural your look is – the better. Ideally, your face should look like you have no makeup on at all (but much better). Soft natural warm shades, subtle contouring, and glowing skin – these are the main tendencies in the latest wedding makeup fashion.

Wedding Makeup Directions in 2019

Looking natural doesn’t mean looking boring. Here are the top trends of the season that are different enough to complement any style and suit any personality:

  • Nude

  • Metallic texture

  • Smokey eyes

  • Winged eyeliner

Whatever you choose, remember that your makeup in season 2019 should only have one accent – eyes or lips, not both. You can use strobing instead of regular contouring to make your skin glow but remember about measure and common sense. This makeup trick is the best decision for natural-looking makeup and must be used very carefully in looks that are more dramatic.

“I Woke Up Like This”

Nude became a classic a long time ago. Nothing can highlight your natural beauty better. Remember that nude is all about perfect skin and eyebrows. Take care of your eyebrows and facial routine in advance to not to ruin your nude perfection with an unwanted skin reaction.

“Femme Fatale”

Sexy smoky eyes are back again! They are less aggressive and sharp now; the intensity of the shade is replaced by the variety of colors. Choose a color according to your eye color and your face complexion. Remember that colors shouldn’t be too bright to avoid looking like you’re in the ’80s.

“Eternal Hollywood Classics”

Bright lipstick and winged eyeliner – this iconic makeup that survived many generations and undoubtedly will survive many more. This signature look doesn’t need anything else to make a statement. But who said you can’t make it a little more special? Different colors of eyeliner will help you stand out and give a fresh twist to the basic elements.

“Full Metal Makeup”

The metallic texture is a smoking hot trend and why not implement it into your wedding makeup? But be careful – it reflects light and can create unwanted effects in your wedding pictures. Don’t make it too textured and be sure that your wedding photographer is qualified enough to choose proper lights and angles (this ability can easily be discovered when glancing at sample pictures in their portfolio).

In addition, pay attention to one important point – no makeup can conceal a tired look and the lack of fire in your eyes. Sleep well, think positively, take care of yourself and you will be the prettiest bride even if you disregard all other fashion trends.

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