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Cloud telephony and how it makes your holidays Happy and Prospering
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Cloud telephony and how it makes your holidays Happy and Prospering
Holidays are meant to give you a mandatory break from routine and rejuvenate your tattered soul. But will you be able to enjoy them while you are losing business or contact with family back home?

How can cloud telephony make your holidays more blissful? 

Cloud-telephony, the latest invention in the communication world, is here to help you out to enjoy holidays in a more relaxed manner. As it doesn’t require any of the hardware installations to work for, you can carry it along within any part of the world. Just connect it with any of the Wi-Fi connections available around you, and you are good to make and receive calls. You need not be worried about the high international roaming charges. This simply means that you will not cut off from the rest of the world while holidaying.

Here are a few more reasons why we’re suggesting it to you -

Reduced Costs 

As cloud telephony uses internet connection to make calls, it cuts down your international roaming and calling charges. There is no need to do top-up recharge or buy an international calling card to keep your phone functioning while crossing the seas during the holiday season. 

Increases Accessibility

Another way via which cloud-telephony makes your holiday more bliss is its ability to function from any of the data-driven devices.

If you are using a calling card, then you will be able to contact through mobile or landline phone only. What if the phone battery dies? With Hosted Phone System you can make /receive calls from any of the data-driven devices like laptops, PC, and tablets. So, no more worries about the low phone battery level.

‘Follow me’ Feature

If you are a business owner and can’t afford to abandon your business even when you are holidaying, then cloud telephony is the right thing for you. With the ‘Follow Me’ feature of your business phone number, you can easily route your incoming calls and answer them easily. It acts like a second phone line for your business and helps you attend all the important calls even when you are not present in the office.

The Voicemail Feature

Now, you must be thinking that if attending business calls is what you would be doing during the holidays, then what is the point of going on vacation? Well, cloud telephony can help you here. 

When you are going for a day out on holiday and don’t want any calls to disturb you, use the voicemail feature. You can set up a personalized message and ask the caller to leave a voicemail for the caller and promise them to give a callback. It comes with auto voicemail to email voicemail transcription facility that enables a user to reply directly to the caller via email. 


How to set-up the cloud telephony? 

Well, setting up the cloud telephony is easier than packing up your holiday bag. Whether you are a regular traveler or a business person enjoying some relaxing time abroad, cloud telephony can be set-up within a minute. Moreover, it starts working immediately. All you need to do is get an Online Phone Number from the leading VoIP service provider. Make sure that you are choosing the VoIP service provider that offers VoIP calling app. 

VoIP calling app is what will help you stay in touch with your friends, family & business associates while roaming around the remote areas. These apps are easily available on the play store and can download for free in any of the data-driven devices. Apps are compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

Download the VoIP calling app and set-up your account using the online phone number. Allow app to access your contact list on the mobile phone. The app will transport the contacts from your phone and make them ready for in-app use. To start calling, tap on the number and choose text, calls, and video calling options. You are good to go.


While using these apps, make sure that the internet connection is robust and of good bandwidth. It’s always suggested to use the Wi-Fi connection for this job. However, if the Wi-Fi connection is not available around you, then you can use your internet pack to make calls from these apps. Make sure that your internet connection on the phone is 4G enabled. Else you are going to face poor voice quality, jitters, and latency during the calls. 

Some apps will allow you to call the other person only if s/he is also using the same app. However, some of the leading VoIP service providers are allowing these apps to make calls to any user and on the landline as well. So, kindly check this thing before you buy a cloud-based business phone number while holidaying.

Before you go

You take a lot of effort to plan your holidays. If you want to enjoy them in full swing, then make sure that you adopt cloud telephony and stay in touch with the rest of the world without bearing the high call incurring roaming charges. 

Happy Holidaying!!

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