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Overcoming Blue Screen of Death Issues in Windows 7

The blue screen of death issues are prevalent and cause lots of troubles to computer users in all parts of the world.

The blue screen of death issues are prevalent and cause lots of troubles to computer users in all parts of the world. Blue screen issue of death or BSOD is just as an unwelcome sight that occurs when Microsoft Windows gets any critical issue and it needs to reboot which may cause the loss of data. It generally occurs because of the computer hardware and the low level software issues. It may lead to Windows crashing that may result in the loss of huge data. So, in this condition, you should immediately have the technical support for windows 10 blue screen issue. However, you can also follow the fixes shown in this post and get resolved this issue.

Before you move ahead for the solution procedure, you should be sure that your all the hardware are updated as they sort out your most of the issues concerning to the blue screen. You can use driver finder to have the monthly update or you can also have the BSOD error support. If you are conformed that all hard drives are updated, then you go through the procedure shown below.

·         Restore your system

           To restore your system, you need to follow the steps as:

Ø  Click on the start button.

Ø  Now type system restore and then click enter.

Ø  Click on the system restore.

Ø  Be sure that recommended restore radio button is on.

Ø  Now click next and go through the instructions.

Ø  After completing this process you need to restart your system.


·         Now check for the problems in memory

Ø  Click on the start button.

Ø  Now type “Windows Memory Diagnostic Tools” and click on it.

Ø  Now you need to click on “Restart now and check for problems”.

Ø  System will restart.

Ø  Now follow the instructions shown there.

·         Now remove all devices that do not support Windows 7

Ø  First click on the start button.

Ø  In search box type “Device manger” and click on it.

Ø  Now expand all the categories shown in the hardware tree.

Ø  Now look for the devices shown with a red cross.

Ø  Make right click on that and uninstall.

Visit the website for Windows 7 support  


·         Check for the corrupt registry

Corrupt registry can also lead to blue screen of death errors. In order to get rid of this issue, you need to download the good registry cleaner to scan your system for the registry errors.

Don’t panic, if you find the BSOD errors on your Windows 7 screen. You just need to go through above error fixing procedure to get rid of this issue in an easy way. See also: Spectacular ways to resolve Windows 7 BSOD error

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