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Otoplasty Otoplasty, or ear pinning procedure, is a type of cosmetic surgery involving the ears that tend to protrude or seem disproportionately large.
What Is Otoplasty?
Otoplasty refers to ear pinning surgery that addresses a prominent ear (or lop ear). During prominent ear correction surgery, cartilage may be cut, removed, or left in place and modified with suture to accomplish the main objective. The skin may also be removed to avoid bunching as the ear pin back surgery is performed.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Otoplasty in Manhattan, NYC?
The surgeon must evaluate each ear separately and assess the size, shape, and relationship to the scalp.  An appropriate prominent ear correction surgical technique for the ear pinning surgery must then be selected. A good candidate for an otoplasty procedure is of sufficient age (described below), is medically stable for elective surgery, and has the characteristic appearance of prominent ears.

What Is the Relevant Anatomy for Otoplasty?
1. External ear – Defined by the pinna and the external ear canal
2. Helix – Outer rim of the ear
3. Antihelix – This is the area that is poorly formed in prominent ears
4. Concha – Inner cup of the inner. Can be enlarged and may contribute to prominent ears
5. Lobule – Composed of mainly fat and connective tissue, without cartilage
6. Mastoid – Area of bone on the skull just behind the ear

Is Otoplasty Effective for Protruding Ears?
Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is ear surgery designed to address protruding or large ears. This procedure is commonly performed on both children and adults. Otoplasty can make a dramatic change in the lives of children who may endure teasing and embarrassment from peers.

This procedure can be done in our office under local anesthesia for adults. The operation typically consists of an incision behind the ear with the manipulation of cartilage to position the ear closer to the head. The result is a less prominent and more aesthetically pleasing appearance of one’s ears.

Otoplasty NYC can be performed on children at about six years of age or older or on adults who are ready to finally address his/her protruding ear issue. Contact City Facial Plastics in Manhattan’s Upper East Side to schedule your consultation with Dr. Linkov. Find out about the best options to change the shape or position of your ears.

When Is the Best Time for Otoplasty in NYC?
In children, it is best to wait until at least 5 years of age before performing an ear pinning. This gives the ear a chance to grow to its near adult size and still allows children to have it done before school starts. Some surgeons prefer to wait longer so that the child is able to take a more active part in decision making. In adults, an otoplasty procedure can be done at any time in order to correct the prominent ear deformity.

How Is an Otoplasty Done?
There are various techniques used to perform ear pinning surgery, including:
- Incisionless otoplasty – No incisions are made, but cartilage may need to be scored and sutures are used.
- Conchal setback – The back of the ear is exposed through an incision and the concha is “set back” against the mastoid bone using suture. Sometimes a piece of the conchal cartilage is removed or weakened to further assist the setback.
- Mustarde sutures – Used to recreate an antihelix with a series of strategically placed ear sutures done from the backside of the ear. Typically permanent sutures are used.
- Cartilage sculpting – Many cartilage cutting or reshaping techniques are used for specific indications

Dr. Linkov finds that a common combination of techniques for otoplasty in his practice at City Facial Plastics in New York is a conchal setback and mustarde sutures. The reason for this is that most patients have both an underdeveloped antihelix and an oversized conchal bowl. This combination addresses the vast majority of prominent ears in an elegant and long-lasting way.

Adolescent and adult patients are treated in an office procedure room or an accredited surgical suite in a private setting. Local anesthesia is used to eliminate pain during otoplasty surgery. Deep sedation or oral sedation can also be used depending on patient and surgeon preference.

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