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7 Benefits of Wearing a Sports Mouthguard
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7 Benefits of Wearing a Sports Mouthguard
Sports Mouthguard

Do you often engage in contact sports like hockey or football? If so, long-term injury prevention by using a sports mouthguard is essential. For example, someone can accidentally punch you in the mouth and knock out a tooth in a matter of seconds. The good thing is that a mouth guard can protect your teeth from this kind of trauma by softening the impact. However, it's crucial that you use a custom-made mouthguard and change it regularly if it endures any damage.


Here is what you should know about your sports mouthguard and how it can help you preserve your pearly whites:


1. Sports mouth guards protect your dental health 

Your risk of oral injury rises if you participate in contact sports. It's best to use a mouthguard whenever you play because of this. When you play contact sports, mouthguards provide a shield over your teeth to protect them. In this manner, if you take a blow to the face, your teeth and oral tissues won't be at risk of severe injury. Don't allow urgent dental care to interrupt your game. Consult a specialist for making a custom sports mouthguard.


2. You only need a mouth guard for the top teeth

Mouthguards are typically recovered only for the upper teeth. However, if you have braces or any fixed dental device on your lower teeth, you are an exception to this rule. In this case, a customized mouthguard would be made to fit your entire smile.


3. Your mouthguard should be replaced regularly 

Your mouth guard will start showing signs of wear and tear until the material erodes to the point it no longer fulfills its function. In that case, avoid ignoring the problem and contact your provider to get a replacement. 


4. Your mouthguard should be cleaned every day 

Bacteria love the tiny crevices and fissures in your mouthguard. For this reason, it's best to rinse the device after each usage. Use a toothbrush to gently clean the mouth guard, then run it under cold water to finish. The mouth guard must thereafter be kept in a dry, ventilated container.


5. Having braces doesn't stop you from wearing a mouthguard 

If you have dental braces, you will need a mouthguard that fits properly. Mouthguards that are too tight may potentially derail your entire treatment process. Ask our dentists to construct a custom sports mouthguard for you for the finest fit.


6. OTC mouthguards aren’t as effective long-term 

Do you intend to play the full season? If so, purchasing a custom mouthguard is a worthwhile investment. Dental injuries can occur during practices and games at a high rate. But bear in mind that a standard mouthguard cannot provide you with the necessary amount of protection.


Wearing an OTC mouthguard exposes you to the risk of it being either too tight or too loose. Not only is this painful, but a custom mouth guard would cushion your teeth better. Even boil-and-bite mouth guards are not as effective in providing protection. A DIY mouthguard will never be as good as one made by an expert in a dental lab.


7. Sports mouthguards save you money

The price of a sports mouthguard is small compared to the expense of replacing a chipped or missing tooth. In addition, if a tooth is knocked out, it is not always possible to replace it.


If you often engage in contact sports, investing in a customized mouthguard is advisable. Pressure-laminated or vacuum-formed mouth guards give the best dental protection.


The bottom line 

A properly fitted mouthguard will safeguard all of your teeth while also cushioning the jaw. Because of the extra space and cushioning, your teeth will not be squeezed together on contact, and frontal blows will be absorbed to reduce the possibility of tooth loss and other trauma.

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