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How to stop cats destroying furniture
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You can buy cat furniture that is less attractive. You have a variety of scratching post options, or you can go for the more affordable scratching board.

Almost all cat owners have had the experience of coming home to find their furniture scratched. Stripping furniture, also known as stropping, can be a very normal behavior for cats. Cats often end up in shelters after scratching furniture can cause irreparable damage or expense. You can put a stop to cats scratching. However, there are many things you can do to stop them scratching. De-clawing is an option that many owners opt for. It is not only uncomfortable for the cat, but it is also unnecessary. A painful operation in which the cat’s claw is removed up to the first joint. There are other methods that are more gentle on cats than de-clawing.

You can buy cat furniture that is less attractive. You have a variety of scratching post options, or you can go for the more affordable scratching board. They are also available in a range of prices, making them easy to afford. Carpet or sorsal are the most common coverings for these scratching boards, as cats love to scratch them. The cat can scratch and destroy couches and chairs without any consequences. Other than buying a better option, there are ways to make the current target even more annoying. You could also consider water spray. Water spray sometimes works, but sometimes cats just stop scratching at the owner. You might also consider placing orange peels around furniture. Their citrus smell is quite unpleasant to cats. this website

Simply pick your cat up when it is attempting to reach for the furniture. If your cat starts to use it, give it a treat or some petting. Positive behavior leads to better behavior in cats. Therefore, never punish your cat by physically hitting them. Instead, reward positive behavior with treats and petting.

These are just three of many techniques that you can use in order to stop cats from scratching furniture. De-clawing might be the easiest option, but these other options are better for your cat. You just need to be patient and take the time to teach your cat not to scratch your favorite sofa or chair. how can you prevent your cat from scratching the furniture

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