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Do You Make Homemade Cat Food?
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Making homemade cat food is a great idea to ensure your cat’s good health. This does not mean that you should feed your cat whatever food is available.

Making homemade cat food is a great idea to ensure your cat’s good health. This does not mean that you should feed your cat whatever food is available. You cannot expect your cat’s health to improve if you give it any other food. Cats like humans require a balanced food intake to ensure their health. Unfortunately, many cat owners don’t know this and make homemade cat food. You should research what foods are safe for your cat before you start feeding them. Check online for food that is poisonous to your cat.  Or, better yet, read a book about how to make homemade cat food. a cross between a Munchkin and a Maine Coon

Garlic is an example. Garlic is poisonous to cats. However, because we use so much garlic in our food, we might never consider adding it to our homemade food for our cats. Tomatoes, another problem for felines, is also a no. We also avoid giving them tomatoes.

Because they can contract salmonella, raw eggs are not something to feed your cat when you make homemade cat foods. They have a higher risk of contracting salmonella from being so small than humans. Raw dough is something you should not give to your cat. I don’t think that raw dough would have been something I would ever consider giving my cat. The reason they won’t be able to eat it is because it can continue to rise in your stomachs, causing serious damage.

Although it is not an exhaustive list you will get the point. People feeding their cats poisonous food or not giving them a balanced meal has led to a negative reputation for homemade cat food. this website

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