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Health Savings accounts and high-deductible savings accounts put you in control of your health costs
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Health Savings Accounts, also known as HSAs, are tax-exempt accounts that allow you to save money for your medical expenses. They often earn interest on funds that they deposit.

Health Savings Accounts, also known as HSAs, are tax-exempt accounts that allow you to save money for your medical expenses. They often earn interest on funds that they deposit. Individuals don’t need to spend their money within the given year because funds roll over each year. The IRS sets the maximum contribution that is tax-exempt. The IRS determines the maximum amount that an individual or family can contribute to the account each year.

The creation of health savings accounts was to give consumers control over their finances and help lower healthcare costs. HSAs are a financial incentive that consumers use to make sure they choose a high-deductible plan that is compatible. High-deductible plans have lower premiums than other types, and the combination tax-exempt savings account and a higher health plan with a higher deductible should encourage consumers to shop for their healthcare services. IRS contribution limits for HSA

The IRS determines the minimum amount of deductible for a high-deductible health plan. Right now, the minimum individual and family deductibles are $1,100. It is not that high. The family minimum deductible is double that amount, or $2,000. The actual out-of pocket expenses might be higher than the deductible. Some insurance policies may require coinsurance even after meeting the deductible. Also, not all medical services may cover. HSAs can be used to help pay for additional medical expenses.

For eligible medical expenses, you can use your money tax-free anytime. You can use your money for medical expenses that may not be covered under your major medical insurance policy, such as acupuncture and dental treatment. The money can be used for any non-eligible expenses once you reach 65. HSA contribution limits You are not subject to income taxes and you don’t have to pay any penalties from the IRS. This means that you can take your account savings for health and retirement savings into consideration. You may be subject to income tax if your money is used for non-eligible medical costs.

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