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How to setup AOL Mail on iPhone and Outlook?
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How to setup AOL Mail on iPhone and Outlook?
This short informative read is exclusively directed towards helping you in setting up your AOL emails on your iPhones and to your Outlook accounts.

AOL or American Online provides a lot of services, among which, AOL Mail has been yielding the most client utility. It has created a separate following among the users with the exclusive features of its email service. This read will be focused on one concept- for you to setup AOL email.

The users of AOL Mail have vastly increased since Verizon announced its discontinuation with the email services. And with that, more people started asking questions about setting up their old AOL homepage, on their iPhones, and their Outlook. Let’s look at the methods to do it.

AOL homepage setup

These steps are to restore your old homepage:

  1. Go to the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
  2. Locate “Tools” in the upper-right corner.
  3. Get into “Internet Options” from the drop-list.
  4. Type in the AOL website URL in the general tab.
  5. Hit the cursor on “Apply”.

Setup AOL mail on iPhone

Listed below are the steps to set up AOL email on your iPhone:

  1. Choose “Settings” on your phone.
  2. Go to the “Email + Accounts” in Settings.
  3. Go forward to “Add an account”.
  4. Select “AOL” from the list, or “Other Account”.
  5. Feed-in your AOL Mail credentials and “Sign in”.

Setup AOL in Outlook

Take a look at the steps involved in setting up AOL mail in Outlook:

  1. Go to “File” on your Outlook.
  2. Go for “Info” and then select “Add Account”.
  3. Enter the “My AOL Mail Login” credentials.
  4. Go for the “Connect” option with the above step.
  5. Hit the cursor on “Done”.


AOL Mail has simply improved its user experience and made the sending and receiving of emails much more feasible. You do not specifically need to go to the login page and access your account. You can just add and setup AOL email on your iPhone or your Outlook account. Once you’ve followed the above steps, you won’t have to log in to your AOL Mail again and again, and all your AOL messages will automatically be directed and downloaded in Outlook.

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