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The Truth About Why This COVID-19 Treatment is So Important Right Now!
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Monday’s revelations from Sir Patrick Vallance (the government’s Chief Scientific Advisor) revealed that Coronavirus won’t disappear completely and that there is no vaccine.

Monday’s revelations from Sir Patrick Vallance (the government’s Chief Scientific Advisor) revealed that Coronavirus won’t disappear completely and that there is no vaccine. covid relief for small businesses He said that experts and ministers should not be ‘over-promising’ about the chances of developing a vaccine. Also, he suggested that they should be realistic about the timeline and likely timeline for one. This is unlikely to happen before spring next year. He reiterated his earlier warnings as well as that of his colleague Professor Chris Whitty about the COVID-19 fight being a difficult one and that it will continue to be with us for all time.

Should we therefore assume that there isn’t a’silver-bullet’ treatment for COVID-19? It is unlikely that there is a’silver bullet game-changing therapy. We only hear about COVID treatment from President Trump. They are either very expensive, new and experimental, or they have a narrow application to a specific aspect of the disease. It’s true, you’ve heard it all: such a silver bullet’ treatment exists today. It’s called Nylexa (r), and it comes from the small UK biotech NovaBiotics Ltd. Its active ingredients are safe to be used in unrelated medicines for over 30 year.

NovaBiotics discovered Nylexa’s potential advantages in COVID-19 after a decade-long research in complex, drug-resistant infections. This includes complicated chest infections and inflammation related to cystic fibrosis. Innovate UK granted them a PS1m grant in March to fund clinical studies. This grant was finally granted earlier in March. The government are now examining whether Nylexa will be included in two separate NHS platform study.

But, you may ask, why haven’t we heard about this before? Why isn’t this being shouted about by the government? Why aren’t clinicians demanding effective treatments for their patients demanding this? It all comes down money, I’m afraid. It is hard for small biotech companies to get noticed because they lack the resources of larger, better-funded rivals. When it comes to new ground breaking treatments, the most prominent names that we hear about are large multinational pharmaceutical companies. They have big budgets and deep pockets to promote their products. They ensure their drugs get the right attention. NovaBiotics is small and privately owned company. They are supported by loyal shareholders who support them. Unfortunately, they don’t have as much money to compete with the big players. erc for small businesses

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