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Keep Musicians Pain Free with Massage

Keep Musicians Pain Free with Massage
I once read an article on musculoskeletal pain in professional musicians. A survey of several thousand symphonic musicians revealed that about

Keep Musicians Pain Free with Massage

Musicians: athletes with small muscles


I once read an article on musculoskeletal pain in professional musicians. A survey of several thousand symphonic musicians revealed that about 80% of them suffered from chronic or intermittent pain directly related to their profession.

The highest incidence was recorded among violinists. This was not surprising as they not only hold their instrument in a muscular position, but spend more time playing than any other instrument in an orchestra. Other instruments are often broken or played only intermittently, but in most orchestral pieces the violins play most of the time. Massage in JLT


Musicians are athletes with small muscles. Your profession demands endurance, strength and precision. Massage therapy can help them play with less pain and greater agility.


Tense muscles inhibit performance


When muscles are tense, movement is inhibited. When the muscles are sore, they become tense and there is less control. Maintaining maximum range of motion and eliminating pain allows a musician to play comfortably and improve performance.


I have worked with various musicians over the years and they fascinate me. Those of us who sit in the audience marvel at their ability, but rarely think about the stamina it takes to play for hours without a break. I have worked with a few drivers before and until this experience never thought about what it would be like to stand with my arms raised for a few hours. Give it a try, especially with short, quick and precise movements. It is not easy.


Every musician is different


Each instrument has its own challenges. Horn blowers may have muscle spasms in the cheeks and lips. Violinists suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Guitarists, banjo and mandolin players will experience pain in their forearms or elbows.


A good massage therapist who understands these issues can quickly get to the source of the pain and begin to relieve the tension and discomfort. Not only can they help relieve acute pain, but they can also help a musician continue to perform painlessly in the future. Massage Center in JLT


Improve performances


Regular massage therapy should really be a part of the life of any professional musician. This will improve their performance, help them play comfortably and easily, and extend their career.

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