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Self-Massage Basics

Self-Massage Basics
What comes to mind when you think you are getting a massage? You should go to the massage spa, right? Here is some good news for those who think about it this way. You can really massage yourself!

What comes to mind when you think you are getting a massage? You should go to the massage spa, right? Here is some good news for those who think about it this way. You can really massage yourself!


Most people who suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain are people who stay in the office for long hours. This is not surprising because your spine (the spine) has to bear all the weight when sitting upright, especially for those who spend most of their time typing on the keyboard. Writers who write for long hours will know what it is about. Spa in Deira


The problem is, you may not want to overwhelm your coworker and ask for a simple neck or back rub. Also, everyone is very busy with their jobs. How could you find the courage to ask? Well, worry no more. You can always go to a discreet corner or the bathroom and start massaging yourself based on these three guidelines.


Rule number one is not to stress other parts of the body while massaging a particular area of ​​the body.


1. Always make sure to breathe


It may seem very simple, but you will be surprised how many times you find that sometimes you are not breathing. It can be simple, but not easy because it requires a conscious effort if you are not used to it.


2. When massaging the sore spots, bear some pain.


When applying pressure to sore spots, always keep it in moderation. Don't overdo it. Otherwise, you could end up with inexplicable blue-black markings the next day.


3. Trust your intuition


Your body is yours. You are the only one who knows where the problem is. Grab the stain and massage in for instant relief.

Body Massage: How to Get Started

How many times have you thought of massage as a simple process? For example, you might think that all you need to do is massage your partner while you are lying down. In fact, much more is needed if you want to give a better quality massage.


These are the 5 steps to follow when you need to start the massage.


1. Hygiene


Always wash your hands first. This is normal practice in all massage establishments. If the pros do it, why not you too?


2. Get in position and wait for my departure!


Have your partner lie down in a way that you are comfortable with. Sometimes, if you massage them for too long in the same position, it can be annoying. Therefore, let your partner adjust the position of his own body. You can always adjust later. This is because it is better to start the massage as they like rather than forcing them to be in a rigid procedural position.


3. Summon the mood


If you have ever attended a spiritual massage, you will know that they sing or say certain words before starting the massage. The real purpose is to invoke the massage or to initiate it.


4. Login to receive suggestions


What does it mean? In fact, massage can sometimes be unclear or abstract. This is true because most of the time you will need a connection between you and your partner during the massage. Think about the inner strength that is within you. It's like a sixth sense. As long as you follow the force and its advice, you can still give a good massage. Massage in BurDubai


5. The first contact


Even if you are massaging your partner for the 15th time, always pay attention to your initial touch, especially when placing your fingers on your partner's body for the first time. The goal is to avoid starting the massage on purpose. First, establish a connection between you and your partner by focusing on inner thoughts during the first contact.

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