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Microblading Center Offering the Best in the Service
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Microbblading comes at the right format now with the Microblading center providing the right formats and sets in their service.

Dubai, (March 30, 2021): Microblading is a revolutionary method of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing that has its origins in Japan. The procedure is similar to micropigmentation, pigment is inserted into the upper layer of the dermis, but it is a manual technique. The application of the color is done with a sterile disposable microlife made of stainless surgical steel attached to a special pen-type instrument.


Throughout history, eyebrows have been fashioned and women have stylized them according to the beauty standards of the time. Regardless of the trend, in most cases, the tail of the eyebrows was positioned down, sad.  "Happy eyebrows" means eyebrows made correctly by the technique, shape and color appropriate to the physiognomy and morphology and which will always have a high tail, which suggests a smile. Now with a simple search of microblading eyebrows near me one can have the best choices.


The microblading technique involves drawing the eyebrows thread by thread (just like the hairstroke made with the tattoo machine), the difference being the fact that when microblading the drawn hairs can be even thinner than the natural ones, so the effect obtained is spectacular, very natural, the strands being confused with the natural hair strands. Each eyebrow design is unique and perfectly customized according to the client's features, resulting in a more natural shape. The Microblading procedure is also called BIO Tattoo 6D due to the non-toxic and hypoallergenic pigments of the best quality PHI Brows brand. They are of vegetable origin and do not contain iron, which means that, over time, they will not lead to other colors.


Eyebrows contribute to the aesthetic balance of the entire physiognomy, marking by shape and proportion age, status, age and, most importantly, personality expression. The shape of the eyebrows influences the harmony of the whole face, balancing the size and distance between the eyes, the size of the nose or the length of the forehead.


About Microblading Center:

This is a company that offers the best solutions in respect to microblading. The company is based on Dubai and offers the best options now.


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