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Best Tow Trucks at the Hour of Need
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Best towing options now comes with NEPTUNE TOWING SERVICE. This company is now offering the best tow trucks at the hour of need.

(April 30, 2021): In the event of a breakdown or an accident that immobilizes your vehicle, individuals find themselves obliged to call in experts, namely repairers, who will come to your rescue accompanied by their breakdown machines or two trucks. Now from NEPTUNE TOWING SERVICE, one can find the best tow trucks at the hour of need. These tow trucks are the perfect choices for different purposes. With the search of tow truck near me Tulsa these trucks services are available now. There are several of these which will be presented below:


Service units:

These breakdown vehicles are specialized in boosting allowing them to unlock car doors. They are also able to deliver gasoline in the event of a breakdown and intervene in the event of a tire puncture or light stagnation (in the sand for example).


Tow truck

It is the tow truck which is characterized by its crane. It is also important to know that in addition to having several recovery vehicles, there are also several techniques.


Towing with a bar

As its name suggests, it is characterized by the use of a bar connecting the vehicle to be towed and the towing vehicle. The dolly is more commonly known as the tow cart or load wheel. This technique consists of placing two of the wheels of the disabled vehicle on the cart while leaving the other two on the ground.


Towing with straps

The most economical technique, towing with straps requires unwavering attention since two ropes ending in hooks will cling to the anchor points of two cars.


Flatbed towing

Finally, towing on a platform is the most adopted technique since it is suitable for all types of vehicles and consists of transporting the damaged vehicle on a platform.



This is the tow truck company offering the best towing services to the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a fully equipped company offering the best services.


For more information, Please visit


Media Contact:

Address: 1310 E 58th St, Tulsa, OK 74105 USA

Open 24 hours

Phone: (539) 292-3074



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