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Find the range of unique and world-class flight type dishwashers at Washmatic India
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Find the range of unique and world-class flight type dishwashers at Washmatic India
When it comes to automatic dishwashing machines the options for one to choose are plenty.

When it comes to automatic dishwashing machines the options for one to choose are plenty. The automatic dishwashers are mainly used in all types of food serving, catering and hospitality industries that include hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, pubs, bars, dining centres.

Depending on the type there are plenty of dishwashing machines that include undercounter dishwashing machines, hood-type dishwashing machines, vegetable washers, rack conveyor type dishwashers, pre-washers, and utensils washers, and flight type dishwashers.

Flight type dishwashers are needed in many industries. For sourcing your flight type dishwashers it is best to source them right from the manufacturer such as one of the most trusted ones in India Washmatic.

The leading manufacturer of automatic dishwashers producing the leading world-class cutting edge technology that promises to meet all the safety and standards with those in your industry the dishwashing machines manufactured by the company Washmatic India is the best.

Best world-class flight type dishwashers with the best features

The company designs and manufactures some of the best flight type dishwasher with a set of features that are going to astound you the most.

All the dishwashers come with a thermostat functionality that prevents the dishwashing machine from overheating.

Perfect for everyday use

The dishwashers are easy to self-clean and can be easily opened up in parts to clean the interiors of the machine from time to time.

Fully electronic controls mean that now for washing your dishes you have very little manual intervention in the process and you can control every aspect of the dishwashers with a set of control buttons. They all have a well-insulated water boiler that prevents heating up of the machine.

The dishwashers manufactured by the company also have a phase monitoring system that keeps the input phase current and input phase voltage at par with the design and capabilities of the dishwashers.

The best part is that the machines have three functions with pre-rinse, wash, rinse, and drying functionalities. 

Range of flight type dishwashers to meet your varying needs

Not all industries within the hospitality industry will require the same type of dishwashing machines. Depending on the type of dishwashing machine you need you the company Washmatic India manufactures varying capacity machines. 

Beginning from a capacity of 3000 plates per hour the dishwashing machines can handle as much as 8000 plates per hour.

As the capacities of the dishwashing machines increase so does the number of chambers or compartments in them with each compartment doing a dedicated task such as feeding, pre-rinse, pre-wash, detergent wash, dual rinse, drying zone, and outfeed.

Getting complete installation, maintenance, and servicing guarantee

For servicing guarantee the company has a complete package that allows the clients not to worry about any malfunctioning of the dishwashers, maintenance, and their yearly servicing.

The company will give you all the services if requested. You can also get in contact with the company to exchange the malfunctioning or worn-out parts and thus there is little to worry about getting complimentary parts that are equipped to running on the machine with all the standards and safety features met.

About the company

Washmatic India is a renowned dishwashing machine designer and manufacturer with some reputable clients from the hospitality and other industries to which they serve.

Contact information-

Washmatic India Pvt Ltd

A2 Shopping Centre,

Naraina industrial area Phase-2

Naraina, New Delhi- 110028

Phone- +91- 8800023044

Email sales-;

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