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Which dishwasher is best for your business?
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Which dishwasher is best for your business?
If you choose a particular model that is built to hold the many types of dishes you wash most frequently, your dishwasher will undoubtedly work harder.

If you choose a particular model that is built to hold the many types of dishes you wash most frequently, your dishwasher will undoubtedly work harder.

There is always a model that will fit your washing needs with ease, whether they include washing big pots and pans, wine glasses, or dinner plates.

Purchasing a dishwasher is a significant investment, so it's critical that you select one that meets all of your dishwashing requirements. Dishwashers are now more efficient, quieter, and will reduce your inventory requirements and operating costs in addition to providing superior sanitation for your dishes. You can choose the best dishwasher for you by being aware of the different types available.

·         Undercounter dishwasher

·         Hood-type dishwasher

·         Conveyor dishwasher

·         Flight type dishwasher

Hood-type dishwasher

Luckily, hand washing plates are a thing of the past for the majority of restaurants and caterers. The dishwasher is the best piece of catering equipment ever created for the restaurant business. The Hood-Type Dishwasher is an even superior dishwasher that easily washes your soiled dishes. Because of the high quality and cutting-edge technology of Washmatic India’s dependable line of industrial dishwashers, they are a well-respected leader in the sector. The Hood Type Dishwasher is a fantastic piece of kitchen hardware since it uses time-tested technology, giving an output of 800-1000 plates per hour.

Flight type / Conveyor dishwasher

When dealing with a huge volume of dishes, the Flight type Conveyor Dishwasher, the largest model in the commercial dishwasher, becomes a superb solution. To ensure that your kitchen never runs out of supplies, the Flight type Conveyor Dishwasher is a very large form of the industrial dishwasher that uses a conveyor belt system to clean a considerable quantity of plates, flatware, glasses and pans. Wares can be loaded directly on the belt or can be placed on a standard dishwashing rack. Capacities of these models ranges from 1600 plates per hour to 8000 plates per hour.

Undercounter dishwasher

Modern kitchens expedite the entire dishwashing procedure now using dishwashers. There are various dishwasher manufacturers to pick from, with Washmatic India being one of the most well-known brands of this kind of appliance. When you decide that an Undercounter dishwasher is what you need, you can pick from different model series. Undercounters are meant for low volumes in the range of 300-400 plates per hour.



About the company

Customers can choose from a large range of dishwasher kinds and models made by Washmatic India. What machine is best for you actually matter. You must determine space you have, the machine you want, the features that are vital to you, and the number of dishes that you need to wash at once. However, regardless of your needs, Washmatic India dishwashers are a popular choice among consumers because of the variety of models availableavailable.

Make the right choice today and place your order!

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