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Dental Crowns for Milk Teeth

The dental crown for milk teeth is made of pre-made stainless steel and does not need to be molded.

The dental crown for milk teeth is made of pre-made stainless steel and does not need to be molded. While the crowns for permanent teeth need to be molded and require several visits to the dental clinic. For having dental crowns for milk teeth, children should be taken to the pediatric dentist. The advantage of these crowns over the other restorations is that as they cover the entire surface of the tooth, it prevents subsequent caries and prevents the tooth from being fractured. In some children, bacteria re-accumulate around dental restorations due to poor oral hygiene and cause tooth decay, so the dental crown is an ideal treatment available in the emergency dental clinic  for children. The pediatric dentist attaches them on the teeth using fluoride-releasing adhesives, and they will fall off when the milk teeth fall off.

Different Types of Dental Crowns for Milk Teeth

- Some stainless steel crowns are the best choices if there is severe tooth decay.

- Steel crowns that are coated with natural tooth-colored ceramic are used for teeth which their appearances are essential, such as anterior teeth. They can be used for molars, but their strength and adaptability are less than full steel crowns. These crowns are more likely to be removed.

There are several types of dental crowns available for restoring and repairing milk teeth, including stainless steel crowns, strip crowns, coated crowns with steel, and white dental crowns. Each kind of dental crown has its advantages and disadvantages. According to the child’s condition, children dentist applies one of the crowns, which is more applicable.

How to Take Care of Child’s Dental Crowns?

The dental crowns should be brushed well to keep the gums around the crown healthy and prevent inflammation. The dental floss should also be used between the crowns and the surrounding teeth to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. Avoid eating sticky chocolates and taffy. Having proper oral hygiene is an essential factor.

What to Do After Applying Dental Crowns?

It is usual for the child to experience some discomfort up to 24 hours after surgery. Avoid taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen without pediatrics’ permission. If the child is still suffering from pain after 24 hours, parents should take him or her to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

It is vital to encourage the child not to eat food until the tooth numbness is completely eliminated. This will prevent accidental biting of the lips or cheeks, which can cause severe and painful injury to the child.

Types of Milk Tooth Restorations

-Amalgam restorations (silver-colored materials) are used for deep caries that have gone under the gum.

- Composite restorations (natural-colored materials) are used for shallow caries.

- Milk crowns which are the best choice for milk teeth because they cover the surface of the milk tooth and protect the teeth against possible caries in the future.

Parents should be careful that the oral environment is full of caries-causing bacteria. The oral environment is humid and warm, and the teeth are prone to decay is such an environment. Therefore, after tooth restoration, oral hygiene should be performed to avoid tooth decay.


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