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Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business
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More than 1.94 billion people use Facebook every single day, and many multiple times a day, Facebook is definitely the largest social media platform today and bigger than any country in the world.

1-Create a Facebook Business Page and Optimize It.

Your Facebook page can help you to generate business if you use them well.

Your cover photo, profile photo, business description, and posts are an opportunity to grasp your audience's attention.

Add a profile picture. It's much more important than your cover image because it will accompany every page update, even when it's shared to someone else's timeline. The profile picture should be at least 180 x 180 pixels and cover photo is a nice way to make your page more eye-catching.

Instead of settling for a traditional logo or business name as your cover photo, you could use it to describe your skills and the product/service that you are offering.

Making sure that you have all details filled out on your Facebook page for maximum searchability.

2-Creating Great Content

Creating great content will entertains and inform your audience, and also build relationships with bloggers in your industry. When sharing content, assure that you tag the blogger responsible for creating it to assign them credit and catch their attention.

Spend more time to create better Facebook posts. It's a marketer's job to post great content to social that's interesting, entertaining, helpful for relevant to the audience. This means picking relevant topics, writing delightful copy, and posting compelling images and videos. This all will help to engage your audience with your brand.

3. Get a Facebook Page Vanity URL

Requiring a custom-branded vanity URL for your Facebook page will add an extra level of professionalism, gives you a shorter, more memorable web address for your business page.

It gives your page an easy-to-find & easy-to-share URL that looks professional & branded.

For example, which of these URLs would you preferably to share with potential customers:

Or this one:

Your Facebook page is not only more searchable on Facebook when you use a vanity URL, but it's also more searchable on Google.Google will link it to your site's keywords, it will improve your website SEO.

4.Optimize Your Images

You have to Include a high-quality photo which follows Facebook's image guidelines in your Facebook page. Facebook and almost every social media are highly visual. So responsive and high-quality images play a vital role to keeping up the strong first impression.

Use your images as an opportunity to showcase your brand to your audience. Tell them what services/product you offer.

5. Pay Attention to Your Post Timing

Timing is very important on Facebook. So you have to optimize your post timing.

By the help of social scheduling, you can set up your Facebook to automatically push content during peak engagement hours.

According to Sprout's best times to post on social media, early afternoons during the weekdays are perfect for most brands.

6. Facebook Video

Facebook videos are another best way to boost engagement. According to researchers, Facebook users spend 100 million hours to watch videos every day.

Video is said to become a majority of the content on Facebook in future.

But you have to consider some important things when you are creating videos for Facebook. Some research shows that 85% of Facebook users will end up watching videos with the sound off. This means that captioning your videos will be vital to improving engagement. Another thing is, 80% of users are irritated when videos auto-play sound, so make sure that you're setting up your videos correctly when you post.

7.Promote Page with Facebook Ads

Marketers are taking benefit of Facebook's highly-targeted ad platform and seeing huge returns as a result. For a few dollars, you can get your Facebook page in front of your targeted audience. You can promote your page with Facebook ads and reach the people you're trying to reach.

Facebook CPM increase in Q4 of 2017.

When you combine paid ads with organic posting strategy and you target the right audiences, your ads should appear where and when you want.

8. Follow the 70-20-10 rule.

For the balance of content to post to your Facebook page, follow the 70-20-10 rule.

• Post original content 70% of the time.

• Post content relevant to your followers' interests 20% of the time.

• Post-self-promotional content 10% of the time.

By applying the 70/20/10 rule to your own content mix will generate more interest for your Facebook page.

9.Target Specific Audiences.

For effective Facebook Ads, you have to narrow your audience.

Many first-timers make the mistake of trying to run an ad that's way too broad, as a result, That will quickly blowing out their budget. Facebook ads allow you to target in terms of location, demographics and interests, meaning brands can target more specific target which will increase ROI.

10. Promote Your Page Outside of Facebook.

You can promote your page outside of Facebook which will bring traffic to it and eventually it will improve engagement on your Facebook page.

There are many methods to do that, Include a link to your Facebook page on your website, add a link in the bottom of your emails and put it in your other marketing materials.


The key to success is to focus on a combination of organic reach and paid ads. Using a mixed strategy will improve your engagement over time.

Make sure that the content that you create on Facebook actually matters, and optimise your Facebook page,

Hopefully, this article gives you strong ideas on improving your Facebook marketing. Like any other marketing, it takes some testing and experimenting to get the right things for your audience. To know more, visit our Digital Marketing Agency website

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