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How to make a logo that will guarantee sales?

How to make a logo that will guarantee sales?
Your logo is a visual graphic portrayal of everything your company stands for. Think of Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola. Anyone from anywhere around the globe can easily recognize them.

With a well-designed logo, potential customers can instantly see how your business can serve them, resulting in generating sales.

Your logo is a visual graphic portrayal of everything your company stands for. Think of Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola. Anyone from anywhere around the globe can easily recognize them. But many companies are struggling hard to develop this key element for their business identity. A good logo can strengthen the trust between your business and your customers.
A strong logo can establish brand identity and provide a professional look for an established company. Consider the following logo as an example.

best logo design company

This logo immediately provokes warm feelings for the company, symbolizes insurance and trust. With some creative planning, your logo too can graphically express a large number of positive characteristics of your business.

Logo Types

There are fundamentally three types of logos.

Text style based logos
Text style based logos consist mainly of text/font styles. For example, the CNN, eBay, Disney and Sony logos use text based logos with a style twist that makes them especial.

custom logo design

Graphical logos

Graphical logo is another way to display your brand identity. These type of logos truly represent what the organization does, for instance, when a house painting organization utilizes a brush representation in its logo. 

custom logo design services

Abstract graphic symbols

And finally, there are abstract graphic symbols, such as apple’s apple and Nike’s swoosh. These type of logos are associated with the company’s brand. Such abstract symbols do not mean anything until the company informs its customers about its product or services. Winning customer’s trust takes time and money. Nike swoosh has no internal meaning, but it is all about well-planned marketing efforts that have turned the logo into a strong sporting brand.

logo redesign

Due to limitations developing companies rarely can afford the money and years of effort needed to build the trust, so a logo that clearly illustrates what your company is worth or does might be the best choice. A powerful log means that customers should be able to understand what your company is doing just by looking at your logo.

Getting Started

Before you start sketching or learning how to create a logo, first write down the mission statement of your company. Be creative and try writing a single sentence mission statement to focus your energy. If possible, try to draw the visual graphic also according to your mission statement. Remember that animated logo design attracts more customers.

If you are having hard time in brainstorming, then there are ways to work around. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you creating the appropriate company logo that will generate sale:

Competitor’s Research
Perform a competitor’s research. Identify your competitors and see the trending. Notice if your competitors use solid traditional images or eye-catching artwork and fonts? Think! how you can make your logo unique among all of your competitor.

Mission Statement and Target Audience
Focus on your mission statement can be a good starting point while creating a logo. Mission statement can play an important role in the overall logo design of your company. Think what makes it unique from your competitors? Know your target audience. Analyze their age groups, interests and intentions. Choose a design that is appealing to your target audience.

Flexible Design
Your logo should be flexible enough to work on both, a business card and on a car bumper. A good logo should be scalable, easily reproducible, memorable and creative. Artworks are better than photographs due to flexibility. Flexible designs do not downgrade its quality if its size is enlarged or reduced. Plan of creating a logo that can be effectively reproduced in black and white as well as in color.

Your Company name
Your company name will affect your logo design in every way. If your company name is “History TV”, you can use the stylish bold font to accent letters (especially if your name contains initials). Use your logo to illustrate your business. The best logos speak with an image or illustration, not words.

refresh logoupdate logo

original art work
Original art work makes a more impressive statement about your company and it will distinguish your business from others. Avoid fashionable looks. If you poorly plan an existing logo redesign, you may run the risk of losing customers to any of your competitor. To avoid that risk gradually change your company logo like Pepsi did in years. A good logo design can last longer than 10-20 years.

Color Choice

You should be wise while choosing the colors for your logo design. A multi-color logo can increase the cost when the time comes for its printing on business stationary. It will not be effective in situations that permit just few colors. Do whatever it takes to not exceed two or three color choices.

Think bigger. Think that your company logo will show up on a wide assortment of media like: signage, press release, stationery, delivery vehicles and bundling. Keep in mind that a portion of these applications have fabricating restrictions. Make sure that your color choice is accordingly.

Hire a designer

While conceptualizing logo ideas is a decisive step in creating your business identity, but having advise from an expert provider of custom logo design services will benefit in every way. Even if you are well in your color choice and feel how your logo should look like, you should still consult with a best logo design company. Experts due to their experience know all the highs and lows in a perfect logo design. Find a designer who is familiar with your business and with your audience and competitors.

Use and protect your identity

Once you have created a perfect logo that at a glance reflects the mission of your company, make sure to protect it from use by other companies. To protect your identity, you can apply for a trademark to the authorities like United States Patent and Trademark Office.

After you have protected it, use it wherever possible for powerful branding. Powerful branding will ultimately lead to the expansion of your business.

With quality services and over a period of time, you will be able to win customers trust on your brand and your brand identity (logo) will become a positive and recognizable symbol of your product or service.

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