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How TV commercials have changed over time?
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How TV commercials have changed over time?
The first commercial was aired on television is in the year 1941. Since then television commercial has undergone several changes, especially in the last few decades.

The world has seen a big wave of changes in recent years and the traditional television commercial has taken a seat on the back burner. The production company has found new creative ways to advertise their product or service with the most vibrant and visually captivating content.

There have been several changes in the modern day television commercial as compared to the tradition TV advertisement but it still continued to remain the most powerful tool for the advertiser. If you observe the television advertisement of the 80s or 90s and compare it with today’s TV commercial you will find that nowadays production companies in New York are more concerned with targeting their audience. With the concept of Over The Top (OTT), Geo-targeting and advanced television the TV commercials have totally changed and become more powerful in the world of advertising.

OTT Platform

With OTT concept, television content including TV ads can be watched over the Internet. Thus even if the audience has not subscribed to the traditional cable TV or satellite Pay TV still they can watch TV programs and TV advertisement in their mobile device or laptop. Thus it becomes easier for the advertiser to even target that section of people who do not have television. For example, when a student remains in hostel or boarding they generally do not have access to television but with OTT platform they can easily watch television programs as well as a TV advertisement. Again even if a person goes out of his home due to some of his work he can still watch television programs with the help of OTT platform. This concept of OTT becomes very critical when a live program is aired on television such as live sports but due to some emergencies or essential duties viewer have to go out. In such circumstances the audience does not have to compromise because of their duties – they can watch live telecast at anywhere and at any time with their mobile device or laptop or tablet.


Geo-targeting is another modern-day concept that has come as a boon to all best commercial production companies NYC. With the help of geo-targeting concept, the advertising company does not need to air the same advertisement in every geographical area. That means it allows the advertising company to purchase the commercial airtime only for those geographic areas where they have their target audience. For example, if a company does not have its target audience in New York City then they do not need to air their advertisement in New York. That means the television viewers in New York City and Los Angles may be watching a live cricket match on the same sports channel say Star Sports. But both the viewer of New York City and Los Angles can watch different TV advertisement when the channel Star Sports takes a commercial break. 

Thus, you can observe that TV commercial has changed to a great extent and has now become more powerful than earlier days. Companies can embrace the benefits of TV commercials with the help of TV commercial production companies.

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