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How do TV ads affect kids?
Information may not be reliable

One finds in the investigation that the children from 2 years to 11 years usually spend 25 hours per week watching television. This means that children find about 20,000 ads per year.

It is seen that children are always vulnerable to the announcement that they can not understand or evaluate the commercial objective of a television ad. Whatever the video production company shows in television advertisement children take it to be real. They can not differentiate between reality and fantasy. To reduce the negative impact of television on children, it is essential to assume the responsibility of the advertising company, the parents and the government of the nation.

Responsibility of Advertising Company

The advertising company has a great role in society, since children will learn definitively what they have seen. The advertising company must take care that the content of your ad will have a direct impact on children. Children can never understand the difference between commercials and TV shows. They take everything to be real and they are very influenced by what they see on television.

Responsibility of Parents

Some believe that parents should help children interpret television advertising and understand what is good for them and what is not. If parents think that products on TV ads are not suitable for their children, they should make their children understand that they do not have to buy the product because they can have serious consequences.

Responsibility of Government of the nation

Also, the government too has a great role in protecting children from the bad effects of the ad. It is the fact that advertising is an indispensable part of life and it is important for people to know the product. But there are some types of ads such as products that are harmful to health or adults can have a serious impact on children.


For instances, television commercials of these products that are harmful to health or for products such as a condom, Viagra, women's pillow, etc. This type of advertisement causes curiosity in the minds of children about what the product is about and how to use it.

Therefore, it is commendable to issue such sensitive television advertising at the time of day when children do not watch television. This time may be during the night when children usually sleep or during children's school hours when the children are busy with their studies. In this way, neither the advertising company will be hampered nor will it be affected by its children due to its serious consequence.

It is true that no product can be banned for television on television since it will deny the right of expression of the advertiser to communicate with the other target audience and customers. But disseminating this type of TV ads only at a specific time can solve all the problems. Apart from this, the product that is beneficial for health such as fruits, vegetables, drinks for health, etc. It should be transmitted more in this time zone when children mostly watch TV.

Hence, the production companies Los Angeles should select their time of advertisement accordingly.

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