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Things You Should Know About Heart Rate

Things You Should Know About Heart Rate
Male and female physiology is totally different and speaking of heart rate in men and in women, it is also different related to heart size.

Woman’s heart is smaller and it makes myocardium to pump blood faster, as a result, a woman’s pulse is higher than man’s.


Heart rate rises in proportion to physical activity. And if a normal man’s pulse is 70-80 beats per minute, in women this rate increases by 10-15 beats. But anyway, the normal heart rate should be calculated individually for every person, regardless of gender. These things must be taken into account:

  • Physical form and health condition. Disorders, including a chronic absence of physical activity, or vice versa, excessive physical exercise affect the heart rate most of all. That is why health condition and levels of physical activity should be taken into account in calculating the heart rate.

  • Age. Our heart changes with us from birth and to a ripe old age. A heart rate in a new-born girl is usually 150-170 beats per minute and a heart rate in an old woman shall not exceed 90 beats per minute.

  • Weight. The more the weight of the body, the higher the heart rate. The disorder of metabolism and endocrine system functioning negatively affects heart health.

  • Type of work. People who work at physical active jobs may have increased pulse. And even intellectual work affects levels of heart rate.

  • Environmental situation. A heart of a human who lives in an environmentally dirty region works faster due to the fact that eliminating toxins is a huge strain on the body.

Bad habits also affect heart rate. But regardless of external environment and genetic factors, normal heart rate in women will be always higher than in men. Furthermore, it will vary with age.

Causes of a Rapid Heart Rate

Constant rapid heart rate is the main symptom of several pathological processes in the organism. Besides pregnancy or physical load, heart rate may increase in such cases as:

  • Excessive consumption of isotonic drinks - tea, coffee, energy drinks;

  • Bad habits - smoking, alcohol and drug addiction;

  • Stress and anxiety;

  • Infectious diseases, which are accompanied by increased body temperature;

  • Development of heart pathologies -  arrhythmia, hypertension, coronary artery disease;

  • Acclimatization;

  • Highlands - elevation is more than 2000 m above sea level causes an increased heart rate;

  • Positive emotions - high level of endorphins increases pulse but positively affects our organism

How to Normalize Heart Rate

If a resting heart rate is higher than normal, even if you don’t feel any discomfort or pain, it may be dangerous. Hard working, constant stresses, bad habits may provoke the development of serious pathologies. What should you do to avoid the risk of heart diseases?

  • A full night’s sleep - you should sleep no less than seven hours;

  • Letting go of bad habits - don’t smoke, don’t drink too much alcohol and caffeine;

  • Always taking control of emotions and response to external stimuli. Stress is the first step to a stroke.

  • Daily walks outside for 30-40 minutes.

Only 2-3 weeks after blood vessel condition will be improved, metabolic processes will be activated, the heart rate will be stabilized, mobility in joints will be improved, the nervous system will be strengthened.

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